Pop Goes the World!

We haven’t moved the truck since late November when we were called upon to help with transporting a Jacuzzi. It’s rounding out the end of March now and the truck is still in the same spot as it was back then except now it’s got a bit of a jaunty angle to it.

I noticed right away as we pulled up last night, because when you have a full sized 4×4 truck ass looking at you day in and day out from your front seat of a bug position, you tend to notice things like a 20 degree list that has suddenly manifested. At first I thought “Oh, THAT’s weird, what’s up here?” and then I thought a bit and came to the realization that a car will list alarmingly so when it has a flat tire. A flat tire it did not have that very morning because I would have noticed, even with my amazing KFu awareness, a grossly tilting truck ass that actually dipped out of the line of bug sight. Then, THEN I was pissed because a tire just doesn’t up and pop like that in one day if you haven’t MOVED the vehicle in three plus months. Nay! It may sag a little but it does NOT go from mostly horizontal to Titanically tipped in the space of 10 hours.

The tire looked like it had melted off it was that flat.

I heatedly got out and stomped over to the truck, expecting to see some sort of slashing or whatnot. Instead, I noticed that the blobby tire part all crumpled on the ground looked like a mud flat in the middle of July. Huh! TheMan and I toured the truck and noticed that ALL the tires have the same deterioration going on and then it hit me: It’s a 1996 model. More importantly, it’s a 1996 model with the original tires still on it. Ah-hem. Whoops!

Heh, we are trying to figure out how to get the truck from our driveway to the tire store with a flat tire plus a flat spare and three other rotting tires. Looks like we may have to bring home one tire at a time in the bug and then drive the newly tired truck back to the store to get the tires balanced. Heee! That cracks me up.

Also related to my “Pop” theme today is my time spent with my keyboard and a pair of scissors. My keyboard has been looking downright disgusting lately. I noticed that I had gone way beyond bored chow into board buffet complete with a side of lint and finally I could take it no longer. Things had to be cleaned! Unfortunately, they don’t have a cool aerosol can of air here so I had to improvise with Windex and a pair of scissors. It’s almost like canned air. Sorta.

Some rules for those of you playing at home:

    Don’t pop the space bar, she be a pain to put back into place. I learned this my last time out. Hee.

    Q-tips. Very handy. Paper towel and a paperclip, not so friendly a substitute.

    Watch where the keys go when you happen to give a good wedge with the scissors. Those suckers can fly!

    Keep the keys in order as you pop them off.

Hey, my keyboard is clean and happy if a little eccentric now. All is good.

Lastly, I spent a good deal of time last night ripping and burning a CD for Alessar entitled: Songs to Listen to and Wallow in Self Pity By. Or maybe for short: The Suicide Album. Alessar was bored one day and put out a call to burn some mixed CDs for his listening enjoyment (he will reciprocate) and this project has been loafing in my head since college so I made it a reality.

It all stemmed from a nasty breakup an acquaintance of mine had and his joking that he was going to spend the rest of the semester holed up in his room listening to depressing tunes. Thus, the beginning to Songs to Listen to and Wallow in Self Pity By. The list has always included most of Forever Blue by Chris Isaak, I’m Alive by Jackson Browne and Black by Pearl Jam but it has never officially been burned and christened until last night. Of course, Alessar has the portable version (since you just can’t fit all of Forever Blue AND the rest of the songs on one CD) which contains:

Don’t Follow – Alice in Chains

Let Her Cry – Hootie and the Blowfish

Drive – The Cars

Black – Pearl Jam

King of Pain – The Police

Last Beautiful Girl – Matchbox20

No One is to Blame – Howard Jones

Sombody’s Crying – Chris Isaak

People Change – Rockapella

Rest Stop – Matchbox20

Mad About You – Sting

Par Avion – Mike + The Mechanics

I’m Alive – Jackson Browne

My Love’s Leavin’ – Steve Winwood

Forever Blue – Chris Isaak

I Still Miss Someone – Johnny Cash

I believe – Chris Isaak

Why Should I Cry for You – Sting

I’ll be making him another more upbeat disc later but if you all feel the need to listen to morose sad tunes, here’s a starter.

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  1. dirge Says:

    Where are the Smithereens? That’s one of the most depressing bands I’ve ever listened to. They have entire depressing albums. Heh.

  2. boo Says:

    I haven’t heard of the Smithereens which probably is why none of their songs are on the list. These just happen to be songs that I know of (and have access to). Errr…I’d say I’d listen to them but after compiling StLtaWiSPB I think I’ll hold off on the sad songs for now.

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