My Weekend Sucked

Is it just me or are colds getting more frequent? I’m not sure I had a cold per se but Friday around 4pm, when I was wandering around the buildings doing my deliveries, I noticed that the lights were REALLY bright. I thought, “Daaaaaang, these new lights are like little ceiling novas. You think they could maybe turn them down a notch or three or we’ll all go blind walking around here.” Then I got back to my office and the lights there were REALLY bright too, which is a problem because they weren’t when I started out on my trip.

That’s never a good way to start a weekend out.

Fortuitously, I did not get the mother of all headaches, migraine or otherwise, but instead I was so tired that I put myself to bed at some ridiculous early evening hour. Then I spent the next 7 hours lying there semi-dozing and waking up which was no rest at all. Wash rinse repeat Saturday and Sunday night. Pity TheMan because I was dead tired all weekend yet unable to actually get any decent sleep which makes me extraordinarily cranky.

Things we did do: Warcraft! Of course we did. Did we do anything spectacular? Ummmm…not really. I think we managed to do a couple high level dungeons and get a handful of dungeon awards. Maybe an achievement but I don’t think so. OH! I took Tan out for a spin which was a bit of a break from healing (healing while cranky = homicide). Huh, we really did a whole lotta nothing Warcraftwise but spent a lot of time online doing it.

We also crafted up some chili cheese dog pizza which was fanFRIKKINtastic. No really. I’ll post a recipe because you gotta get yourselves some of this. TheMan made the chili from scratch and the crust dough from scratch and I think the pizza was the best thing about the whole weekend. It’s much better than it sounds because we had cold chili cheese dog pizza for breakfast the next day and dinner the next. In case you are wondering, chili cheese dog pizza passes the cold pizza test too. Mmmmmmm.

OH! I also started up my food price matrix thing after shopping on Sunday. I’d know exactly how much the stock I should have made that weekend would have cost if I had indeed made stock. Instead I think I took a nap wherein I never really got any rest. Still, food! Entered! In a spreadsheet! I’m geekily looking forward to having a lot more entries from a couple different stores (Sunday was a K-Roget run as well as a trip to Sam’s) so I can see who’s got the best price for what. Not that I’ll go to a bazillion different stores on shopping day….ever, but it would be nice to know which store to frequent given what we need most of. Possibly I could be persuaded to go to two stores if the price is right (heh), but only two stores that are quasi near each other. I have my shopping limits and they are pretty small when it comes to multiple locales.

Also? I got a pound of ground cumin at Sam’s for $5. Whoda thunk that Sam’s would carry one pound containers of cumin? I paid almost that much for an itty bitty shaker of the stuff at…wherever it was I found cumin so score Sam’s Club. Before you ask, yes I think we can make use of a pound of cumin if we continue making curry dishes.

Today I woke bolt upright at 3am from a dream in which I was someone else who jumped too high and shattered their legs when they landed. Considering I didn’t get to sleep until midnight and was up for about an hour after dreaming about falling badly (yay adrenaline) I called in mostly dead. This not sleeping well can stop at any moment, thankyouverymuch, it’s getting old. On the other hand, I was home to start the soup stocks going so I have one giant pot of chicken stock and one smaller big pot of hamm stock burbling away. Mmmmm. I think I’m going to leave them on the stove overnight to cool and tupper them up in the morning. Then it’s pricing time!

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2 Responses to “My Weekend Sucked”

  1. Bailey Says:

    About a year after you buy your spices, the flavor dims down to nothing… are you sure you’re going to be a curryin’ enough to use a pound?! Mmm, though. Curry. Put some recipes up? Please?

  2. Boo Says:

    Some spices get better with age, like my Cayenne peppah! Or maybe in my olding age I don’t need as much hot but I find that I’m putting on a few shakes less than I did when I first got the peppah…several many years ago. I hope that cumin is like the pepper. If not, we’ll have to be a cookin curry dishes like mad at the Q house. I will post my recipes when we do them (and if I remember to take a pic of them).

    Didja check out the recipe tag on the categories? There’s only about 15ish up so far but I’m working on that. Stay tuned for Chili Cheese Dog Pizza!

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