Stupid Warcraft Tricks

And other fun things. This is the “Test Sheet” I sent the IT guy. He called me up and asked me to e-mail him a test scan to make sure the copier/printer/scanner/AWESOMENESS was set up correctly for this Friday’s training. You know, because he didn’t know how to use the copier/printer/scanner/AWESOMENESS since he hasn’t been trained because the trainer guy hasn’t come out yet.

Uhhhhhmmmmm. About that…

In my awesome capacity of copier wrangler, and the fact that I’ve had some very brief training on the big daddy BizHub copier in the interloan department (not to mention I snagged the Copier Goddess as she was walking by to help me with this scan to e-mail thing) I managed to scan and send. I also managed to find the fax function (which took me so long to figure out how to turn off that the fax dial tone turned into the unhappy blat blat blat of “off the hook” tone. Sucker’s loud too) and several other functions which I’ll never be able to find my way to again. I think at one time I actually unlocked Narnia from the control pad there for a bit. Still, our new baby BizHub wrocks.

In Warcraft news, TheMan and I are off on a nut with a couple of the achievements. We were in the neighborhood of one of the old world dungeons so we thought we’d pop in and get the accomplishment. This is the same dungeon that kicked our collective level 60 heinies when, back in the day, it took a good, geared full group a couple of wipes before completing the thing. And now? We managed to 2 man the whole thing. We did learn why you clear the top two levels before killing the king god tree dude though. Apparently, if you don’t kill all the other trees in the whole dungeon (and there are a lot of lot of trees) they all come a-running when you kill off their king-god. They aren’t very happy about it either, so after TheMan cuisinarted king god tree, I looked around to find a sea of angry, angry green boiling down the ramp. Ahhh…oops.

We survived, because we are just that badass, but damned if we weren’t a touch concerned there as Inverness thoroughly swarmed us.

Warcraft also has a vanity pet thing where you have to get X number of pets for stupid meaningless awesomeness and since I had X minus a very small amount of pets towards the goal, I decided we ought to find us some pets. I found this neat site that lists all the pets so I made some lists and checked some off and started on the mad dash of idiocy. It was hella fun…mostly.

We did a small work around the Horde vender only pets by having me log on a Hordie, buy up all the pets and auction them at the neutral auction house. TheMan’s Alliance character was standing right at the other end of the auction house ready to snatch up the pets as soon as I put them up which worked smashingly well. None of our auctions were hijacked but I had poorly chosen to auction at a town where people were working on some reputation by killing off all the NPC townies. Including the auctioneer. Sigh. It took us much longer to do the whole trade because I had to keep waiting for the dead auctioneer to spawn. And then HURRY HURRY HURRY list as many auctions as I could before the killing dude smacked my auctioneer into next Wednesday.

We then embarked on a quest to get a dragon fairy thing which ARRRGH! First you have to find the quest guys, then you have to free the dragon fairies in 6 minutes AND make sure they survive (which is tough because the little buggers explode every which way when you let them out of the cage and the NPC townies will kill as many of the dragon fairies as they can. Unless you character can be everywhere, there are a lot of deaths. Stupid little dragon fairies. On the plus side, you can do the quest again if you screw up. Note to dragon fairy seekers: Just kill everyone in the town before even picking up the quest). Then you go back and they quest peeps say, “Good, now kill all the townies.” which you’ve already done because the damned dragon fairies go berserk and fly everywhere when you free them. Sigh. After the town respawns and you kill them…again, the quest peeps send you all the way back to the top of the continent with a thing to give to the elf queen. Seventeen minutes later when you reach the top of the continent and give the queen her thing, she says “Awesome! Thanks” and that’s it. Somehow you have to intuit that the quest peeps allllllll the way at the bottom of the continent want you to come back and do more stuff for them before they will give you your dragon fairy.

So. Allllllll the way back down to the butt of the continent, the quest peeps give you an egg. There is no rejoicing because they want you to take the egg to a guy on the other side of the continent to…because…errrr…he’s a goblin. Well, it’s as good a reason as any. Fortunately, the continent is much, much taller than the wide so across is pretty quick. The goblin egg man then wants you to give him some potions that my character can’t make and GIVE ME MY DRAGON FAIRY ALREADY! ARRRGH! But! My other character can make the potion so I log out, log in and discover the potion is a level 20 something potion. My other character is level 70. I haven’t had the materials on this character to make a level 20 potion since I started playing the game THREE YEARS AGO (one of my oldest toons). A trip to the auction house and wala! Potions. Mail the potions, log out, log in, get the potions, give them to the egg goblin and…no joy yet. Solely to piss me off I’m sure, the goblin egg man wants me to take the damned egg to a dwarf in a zone that is all the way back up at the top of the other damned continent.

Egg. Bird. Boat. Dwarf and finally, FINALLY I have my stupid dragon fairy. Do I have my achievement? No, because I’ve been putzing all over everywhere for one pet.

I hate Warcraft a lot sometimes.

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5 Responses to “Stupid Warcraft Tricks”

  1. Bubbles Says: is love. I was seriously looking to join the arena tournament because if you play 200 matches (you don’t have to win them, just play them), you get a little armored murloc pet. I’m also sad because omg the Spirit of Competition Chinese dragon is the best frikkin pet ever, and I did get it on one character but I don’t play her anymore. I guess if WoW is still around at the next Olympics they might have it again?

    I need to do the fairy dragon quest thingy too. SO CUTE. And since I dual-box, getting the opposing faction pets is easy…I have a Horde DK on my main server just waiting for me to get off my lazy butt and get them.

    Finally, your italics, they are borken!

  2. Boo Says:

    OMG!! Armored murlock? MUST HAVE!!

    I fixed me italix just 4 U

  3. Bubbles Says:

    It’s $20 to register for the tournament, it’s going on right now, and registration ends March 24. It’s 3×3 arena, and you have to do 200 matches on one character with the same team to get the murloc. You don’t have to win though, which is good because I’m terrible at PVP. But I has no team…

  4. Boo Says:

    $20? Hmmm…not so squee then. Those darned Warcraft peeps, always thinking of more ways to leach monays from me!

    However…armored murlock…

  5. Bubbles Says:

    I KNOW, RIGHT?! I shouldn’t even consider spending $20 on a pet, especially when I’m already paying for three accounts (two for me, one for my brother).

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