Lump Day

I am terribly unmotivated today, more so than usual. I know, I know, that is a very frightening thought because it puts me somewhere very much below apathetic but just slightly above dead. Oi! I tell you, I am just waiting for the day to end, which it will, and then there will be another day, and that too will end and another and…

Maybe it’s the weather. It has been raining for most of the day today and that just makes me listless and it’s sort of damp and cold which makes me listless and the sun has given up all hope and gone off down south somewhere and that makes me listless. Plus, I have a sinus thing that has been lurking in the back of my head for about a week now. Stupid head. My well being 8-ball keeps coming up “Outlook not good”. Grumble.

But there is some joy in boo-ville. I went out to lunch with Dirge today, mostly because I was going stir crazy all cooped up underground where I’m listless and can’t see outside (it’s still raining incase anyone wants to know). We were at our usual deciding best, which is to say neither of us really had any overwhelming desires to go anywhere in particular, so we moseyed on over to the Band-aid pizza place. It was closest. They also have good fries there.

Really, the Band-aid Pizza Place has a name other than Band-aid Pizza place, which one would hope because the Band-aid Pizza Place is just not as marketable as say, “The Italian Store” or “Smith’s Pizzaria” or what have you. I, however, will always refer to it as “The Band-aid Pizza Place” because once waaaaaay back in ’87 I ate a pizza there with a friend and whoops! Surprise! That sort of thing sticks with you for years. They are a fairly nice Coney island and have pretty good food (sans first aid accessories) and they make a mean turkey ruben. None of this cole-slaw stuff, this was the real deal with sauerkraut and all. Tasty.

After lunch I picked up some more Japanese Snack Food and decided to just go with the strange and unusual. Oh, and the tan Porte too because they had it in. I wound up picking up something called “Softick” which is a cake like stick thing (and much better than the hard-ick?), something called “Watering KissMint”, which may or may not involve irrigation and something called “Ogontoh”. Doesn’t Ogontoh sound like some sort of elder god? Don’t wake him/her/it! We will all go mad! Most likely we will all just go bazoo, seeing as it appears to be plain cane sugar hard candy. How bad can that be?

Japanese Labels crack me up.

Speaking of Japanese, we also dug into the Cool World…err…icy pops? Well, you freeze them and then eat them like you would a freezie pop so… Anyway, mostly we tried one out because while I was fixing a martini for TheMan, the pops lemminged themselves off the top shelf of the freezer and wedged in the door. After a brief but spectacular tussle, I got the door open with just one casualty. We ate that one. For the record, TheMan wants you all to know that the strawberry flavor Cool World icy pop does not go well with gin at all. Just incase you were raring to try it out I suppose. Look for new and exciting JSFR coming up, we have a plethora of snack food in the wings just waiting to be tasted.

Tonight is TheMan’s game, today is gray and dreary and I feel the need to bliss out with some Sutek’s Tomb so I’m going to sign off here and mosey. Laters.

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