You’re One Badass Fucking Fractal

So, how do you top a weekend which begins as awesomely as Friday night tickets to see Jonathon Coulton (not the blues dude) with opening guests Paul and Storm? Oh you’ll see.

Friday night we met up with Badmovie and LunarGeography and headed out for some eats and then out elsewhere for frou-frou- lattes (or in my case a chai spiced apple cider – which was like drinking PIE!) before moseying to the The Ark. We took it cazh since we had purchased pre-assigned $$ seats. Yes, we paid the big bucks because JoCo! It’s the first time I’ve been to the Ark in its new location and I think only the third time I’ve been to the Ark at all. I’m trying to figure out when I saw Bill Paxton at the Ark and also when the Ark moved from Hill street to South Main street by the market deelie there. I may have seen one performance at each place, which is kinda cool. I may have not, my Ark History Google-Fu has failed me. Wait a minute, let me ask Godzilla. Hold on.

Awww Godzilla! How can you have a stubbly stub about The Ark and yet have oodles of information on Stargate? Stargate isn’t even a real place! The Ark deserves more than a stub! Ann Arborites, represent!

Back to the concert which was WAY cooler than a stubby of venue information. Where were we? Right, Paul and Storm. Paul and who what? ExACTly! I was all “Whatever bring on the JoCo babE!” except I do like me some opening bands. I feel bad for opening bands because you don’t buy tickets to see Paul and whoever what, you buy tickets to see Jonathon! Coulton! but I figure you also get a bonus surprise concert for free from the opening band. Sometimes you even discover people like Macy Gray who is Fan-frikkin-tabulous! And if you are not Sting, most artists (or at least the shows I’ve been to) have a roughly similar type for an opening band so the free show will at least be sorta in the same vein. ish. Thus, I was interested in listening to Paul and Storm despite knowing jack about them.

I was totally hooked by their first song Opening Band. I mean, check it out:
We are the opening band
We are here to do five or six or seven songs
“Don’t go too long, and get the hell off the stage”
We are the opening band
We’re probably not the band you came to see tonight
But it’s alright, ’cause soon we’ll go away

How can you not instantly love an opening band that starts out with a song like that? They also had an awesome song sung to a five year old by his expecting parents called “A Better Version of You”. Hee! And the Nun Fight song. Dear God, the Nun Fight song. I think I lost a spleen laughing so hard. Paul and Storm wrock and I would totally go see them headline their own show. For reals!

Sadly, Paul and Storm are a comedic singing duo while Jonathon Coulton is a singer who sings comedy which…left me a little wanting. I was laughing tears outta my head for the first half hour and even though Coulton was spot on for the whole performance, I felt that the transition went a little mellow. It’s not really a fault thing, but a style juxtapose kinda thing. Coulton did bring Paul and Storm back on the stage to do some back-up vocals for a couple tunes (Creepy Doll was hella wikid yo) and maybe P&S gave JoCo an energy infusion because the second half was much more rockin. I Feel Fantastic was probably the best performed song for the night because they sang the everlovin beegeebus outta that one. Wow (the expression). I was kinda tired just listening to it. Coulton sang all three tunes I was hoping he would (Code Monkey, Still Alive, Skullcrusher Mountain) and a bonus happy extra tune Mr. Fancy Pants with a portable drum machine sampler doohickey.


Understandably, there was no Warcraft Saturday. Actually, there was no Warcraft because TheMan’s business partner called in a panic when his machine up and died with a 10 year project still on the hard drive. 10 years of work potentially gone and the backup not as recent as the three all nighters you’ve just pulled to complete said project? Panic time. TheMan was able to Lazarus the machine back up and pull the data outta it and back everything up in about 3-4 hours but by then it was Smithee Time!

Yes, indeed. The boys got on the horn with the other boys and built them a Smithee 18 show. Huzzah! LunarGeography and I amused ourselves making one AWESOME turkey and garlic mashed potatoes of the apocalypse. So! Good! And if that weren’t the shiznit, we went out for Smithee drinking night and met all sorts of awesome people. Saturday was just as good but in a different way than Friday.

Sunday was the let down, but how can you top JoCo and Turkey and Potatoes? (Yes, caps. They were that good.) I think you need a day to mellow out and reflect on the awesomeness of the weekend so far. And a day to go shopping, do laundry and clear out some dishes. Stupid life, infringing on my fun.

2008: Concert was so good, it blew away last year’s entry.

2007: Turkey so good, it blew away this entry.

2006: We also have about 3 million Scathe Zombies. Fortunately, they are pretty tasty with a bit of BBQ sauce.

2005: I got great abs going though. Between the coughing and the sneezing I’m going to be ripped by the end of the week.

2004: Vande-Cat, well, we took pity on her after 10 minutes and removed the basket.

2003: Beer, games and peeps stole this entry.

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