Two for the price of my brain

“Stay a while and listen.”
What? Two entries in one day? Not really. Last entry was made on the back side of Saturday so I’m counting it as a Saturday entry even though technically it was posted early this morning. And speaking of this morning, I am dumb. I should not be staying up until the wee hours of the night right on the heels of a cold and certainly not two days in a row.

If you can figure out where the quote comes from then you know exactly what I was doing one of those days. Heh, let’s just say I was up late playing Video games. Let’s just say I’m an idiot (Thanks to Boxjam for that one). I was kinda meh on playing the paladin, who is my highest level character at 41 so I went through my roster to see who might be fun to play. There’s my 27 druid but I had been playing him pretty frequently so I looked onwards. I have a necro, a little paladin and a sorceress all at 10 but for whatever reason I did not want to move one of them up and break up the trio. Not sure why because I cant play them all at once anyway, but I liked the 10,10,10 thing they had going on. Then there was the 20 barbarian but I am not so fond of the barbarian so no. Besides, he was 20 which fits the whole things of ten I had going. So did the assassin who was 15. Errr, OK things of 5. Anyway, this left the amazon who was only level 8.

No problem, I’d just tool around with her, maybe get her up to 10 and go play with the paladin again (he’s a bit behind because he keeps DYING). So, I fired Luna up and holy cow! How come no one told me amazons were so much fun to play? Man, I was kickin critter butt up one and down the other. I was having a blast! Then TheMan joined with his 42 amazon and we started taking names.

OK, in reality he kept killing all my critters before I could even target them which left my poor amazon on clean up duty. No fun. With lots of stuff to kill, which is the point of the game, it’s really a lot of unfun to be regaled to the person who picks up after the guy who kills stuff faster, better and stronger than you can. Yeah, we were working with a fairly large level difference but still, a tiny amazon just wants to have fun.

This lead to my taking off in different directions and whomping on stuff. That was an equitable solution. TheMan would take his amazon one way, I’d take mine the other and we would scour the area for whatever we were looking for (while killing stuff on the way). It worked. It even worked when I ran into a nest of lightning bugs and went running all over trailing bugs yelling “BUGS! LIGHTNING BUGS! GET EM OFF! AHHHHH!” until TheMan could come and kill them. Hee, I was kiting bugs. So the short of the long is I have a level 20 amazon now. Heh. Ow my head,

In other news, yesterday was a fun filled day fraught with danger and intrigue. We started by acquiring the services of our photographer and at the same time draining my bank account. Whooo, a contract and a below minimum balance warning. So, yeah well it wasn’t going to work exactly that way when I was all healthy like but the bug got me down and I wasn’t able to transfer $200 from my account to the wedding account. Eh, I’ll just have to remember to write me a check from the wedding account to my account for the entire fee (less the $200 I was going to originally transfer over) and be done with it. Got it? Good. Now what was I going to be doing again?

Then, the trip to Great Harvest to discover some of the most righteous sauce ever created. TheMan and I are really fond of their horseradish mustard sauce but yesterday we discovered wasabi raspberry sauce. Yum on many levels. They also has a horseradish onion mix that would be perfect for Mr. Paul’s bloomin onion thing. We also got some bread bowls and flat bread and had tastes of everything there. That’s the best part about Great Harvest is the tastes. They had a new line up of cookies and breads and goodies, being a new month and all, so we had to try the mint chocolate cookies (good), the white chocolate cherry cookies (good), the pretzels (tasty!), nona’s biscotti (meh, I can live with out that one) and chocolate cherry bomb bread. Good, but not $8 a loaf good. I like going to Great Harvest, it’s my Saturday breakfast sometimes (although I feel guilty for eating tons of samples so I always buy something from them. I wonder if a lot of people feel that way and that’s how they do a booming business).

Next, was a trip up town to the Chinese New Year parade. It was a weird thing for me, being out of the lion dance troupe and all. I signed up for support and was told that I was a floater. Which is cool, I was all about doing whatever…except everyone showed up so I did not have a space to fill. I was eventually stuffed in the troupe playing an instrument which was fine by me (save the whole deaf thing. I need ear plugs). It was a beautiful day and lots of people came out to see us. TheMan was parked in the Asian bakery and got some great shots and video of the people. Karate Dave was out taking pictures with his professional set up so sometime I hope to see his stuff. Karate Dave is good! The whole parade thing went well except for the part where I sprung a leak. I am such a delicate thing I guess. I blistered where I was holding the cymbals and one of the blisters popped and bled everywhere. My fingers hurt now. Foo.

Then it was on to the mumses (who was out of town this weekend) where the sis and her man made me birthday dinner. I like hanging with my sis. She bought me flowers (which I forgot at mumses-WAH!) and made me dinner (Mmmm, kabobs!) and dessert and salad and all sorts of goodies. I actually made the dessert because I was hanging around doing nothing and decided to amuse myself with putting together the brownie mix. I then popped the bread sticks and put them on the tray. Sis assembled and cooked the kabobs, made the salad and set out the pre-dinner munchies. I am still stuffed today but we had a great time.

Which lead to me staying up until 3 (note to self; No to be having coffee at 6pm!) puttering around on the puter. Today, I feel it. You know, I think I am going to take a nap now. Later.

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