There is no Friday Five today, which makes me a bit disgruntled and a bit happy at the same time. As usual, in the boocentricity that I live in, it annoys me that someone can’t keep up a simple list of questions once a week (some which are sent in by other people) with some sort of regularity. Once a week…contributions by other people…slap it up and go…it’s not rocket science. Unfortunately, today (again) there is no Five and come to think on it, the Five has been really flaky this year with its on again off again regularity. I was looking forward to some Fiving action too. It makes me cranky, damnit! On the other hand, I actually have things to write about today and I really didn’t want to do a double entry so I am saved. Or something.

So, ghosts. There are actually a couple ghosts of sorts hanging around the Q house these days it seems. One of them decided to have a little fun this morning in the form of wine bottle molestation right around breakfast time. There we were, getting ready to have some marvelous eats when a “rrrrrrchunkchunk” noise followed immediately by the sweetest foley noise ever for breaking glass emanated from the basement. Well, I suppose it would have been the sweetest foley noise if we had taped it or if someone had been playing it but in actuality it was an empty wine bottle rolling off of the top shelf and plunging to a spectacular death onto the concrete floor.

If ever you need a great breaking glass sound, I highly recommend the rolling empty bottle off of a five foot rack onto bare concrete experience. It truly is a fab sound. It truly is also an incredible mess so there are drawbacks. I have no idea why this bottle, perfectly content for the past month, all of the sudden decided its time was up but decide it did. Nobody was jumping up and down or running here or there (including the cats, which is a bit of a miracle these days) or ever speaking loudly but something set the bottle off. TheMan figures it was a truck or something that went rattling by but I don’t specifically remember a truck. Then again, I don’t specifically remember there NOT being a truck either. Weirdness.

TheMan. Today I envy him because he is, again, on forced vacation. This also means he will have time to clean up the ghost bottle (heh!) or do the dishes (hey! I did start on them last night I’ll have you know) or the laundry, but he doesn’t tend to wander much into the land of laundry. Don’t know why, really, but he just isn’t into the laundry experience. I’m OK with it except for the socks. Damned socks. I hate washing the little buggers and then trying to match them all back up again. Maybe I’ll rope them together next time in a sort of sock buddy system. Idiot socks! That will go over well. Over being the operative word in the sentence. Fucking socks.

Where was I? (hee, a sock rant! See what you get when there is no Friday Five?) TheMan, vacation, no socks. Right. His plans today include, I think, BATHROOM WORK! This is a happy thing, since that bathroom has been out of commission for…errr…maybe more than a year. Definitely a year come memorial day. We really need to bust butt and get that thing done already so we can have a functional bathroom on the downstairs level. It’s also probably where the ghosts live since no one has gone into the room in over a year and it would be a mostly undisturbed and safe hang. It also is a bit Spartan, what with the 3/4 finished walls and…nothing else. Oh! The wet vac lives there, but I’m not sure wet vacs are ghost attractions. Maybe that’s what was up with the wine bottle this morning? Even the ghosts are tired of living in a stripped down room.

Lastly, the cats. Oi! The cats! That is one of my main bits of evidence that we have ghosts because the cats are going utterly bazoo. The other night the Little Kitty (!) went on some sort of 3 am rampage that not only woke me up but had me convinced that there was someone in the house. How can an eight pound cat sound like someone tromping through the living room? I was up for a good five minutes trying to figure out what the hell was going on until I noticed that the Little Kitty was gone and there were noises that sounded suspiciously like a catnip mousie hitting numerous obstacle. I figured that even though the majority of the sounds were eerily similar to someone bumbling through the living room, your average burglar most likely wasn’t going to be chasing a catnip mousie so I went back to sleep.

This morning I opened up the window a crack for the cats and also to air out the house a little. The ghost of spring is in full bloom and the house has that closed up winter feel to it so I thought it might be nice to get some fresh air circulating through. It’s going to be fresh cat filtered air I suspect because I wasn’t even through opening the window before a cat head shoved itself into the opening. Last I left, both cats were stuffed in the window vying for air space. Mmmm, nothing like the smell of fresh spring cat! I am tempted to take them both outside into the spring air they can’t get enough of and see what they do. Freaky cats!

Last Year at the booniverse: 0.2/0.2, 0.3/0.3, 0.5/0.5. What is up with those numbers?

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  1. 414 Says:

    We at last bottled our first batch of wine, we had no ghost bottles, but I as yet have not completed a storage unit to go beneth the stairs so one might walk yet. About those tires, didn’t we have a conversation over breakfast one time about how I should get new tires for the ’95 Jeep simply based on age? I did need to have them all remounted as the rim seal had started to fail and they would lose air, but the dealer said that was a common problem with aluminum rims. They also said I could get at least another year out of them, I only have 30,000 miles and very little sidewall aging evidence for their ability to handle rough terrain. The mental image of a tire at a time in the bug sets up a whole new meaning for compact packaging, I can only imagine how we would have had to do something similar when we had the Karman Ghia.

    Take Care,
    Love, 414

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