Cap and Recap

Were walking down the street. Cap fell down and went home…wait, that’s not how it goes.

Well, we did a lot of nothing but got stuff done anyway. Go us! TheMan is, again, on forced vacation today (wah) and I am, again, mucho jealous. He didn’t get any real bathroom stuff done Friday and probably wont today either, seeings as it’s raining. The drywall lives in the garage and wouldn’t be so very much dry once it was moved cross country (well, driveway but still!) into the house. He did get the garage ship shaped and ready for when it is not raining so he can zoom in and blipity blam! Cut drywall like a mad thing. He also got the truck jacked up off its extremely mooshy tire and the old dead garage door opener down and the new one…ready for the installer guys to come and install it. TheMan got the new one out, took a look at the directions and decided that he would call and have it installed for us. Heh! He tried to look at the directions for putting the mega-grill together too but there weren’t any. Doah. Fortunately, the company is right willing to send us some up.

My man is a work machine! Me? I got the laundry done! Yup. All weekend and that was my accomplishment. Oh, and I washed 2 pots. Whoooo! Hey, I’ll have you know the laundry was an all day project because I not only washed about 7 or more loads but I folded them all (save the last one which is still in the dryer. It got done about 1 this morning, I think, and I was all about just leaving it in the dryer until tonight) including the socks. Yes, you heard me, socks and folded in the same sentence. Speaking of which, I was doing the accomplishment dance after all the loads were in process and no dirty clothes were to be seen anywhere in our room when TheMan found a sock hiding under his shoe. A. Single. Sock.

See? See?!! I told you they were evil. One sock. My attempts to have the whole laundry done were foiled by one lousy (fucking) sock.

Here is the point where I talk about some EQ stuff so you people who tend to glaze over might want to move along. I’ll talk more about socks later for you folks, don’t fret.

Heh. ANYHOW we played Friday, Saturday and Sunday (in accordance with our laziness schedule) and had some mixed sessions. Friday we were hunting a relatively safe zone for the two of us so when a wizard wanted to join our group we decided why not. I feel bad for wizards because they are a really tough class to play and hard to solo well. Not many people are specifically looking for a wizard either when they form groups. This wizard was a decent player, especially for his first character and we were mopping up and having a blast for about an hour. Then a monk fella wanted to join and we let him in.

Let me just say now that I have come to the conclusion that they majority of people (except you readers, of course!) are generally crack monkeys and this new guy was no exception. Once in the group he immediately started dictating HOW THINGS WERE GOING TO GO, which wasn’t how we were doing things at all and it really messed up the dynamic. First he demanded to tank, then he demanded to be the leader and then he decided to go on this pulling frenzy without any regard to the readiness of the group. The peas of resistance was when he up and invited his good bud (hey, another MONK!) into the group without consulting us. Oh, but this good buddy had a high level cleric that would watch our backs so it was no sweat! Yeah, no thank you, we have to…umm…go. Yeah, right now. Nope, can’t stay, really.

The monk pretty much ruined our enjoyment of the game for the evening because of his high assatude factor. There is a certain etiquette to joining a group and it usually doesn’t include stepping in and stepping all over everyone’s toes. It also doesn’t include dictating to the other people what they will be doing when YOU join (insert heavenly choral “saved by the MONK” f/x here) and it certainly doesn’t include demanding to be the leader of the group and harassing the leader until he up and gives it to you just to SHUT YOU UP! In retrospect we should have just booted his ass (which may have been why he wanted the leadership…you can’t boot the leader) and gone on but he struck me as the kind of player who would stick around a group that had booted him and make play hard for them. We wound up staying for our levels and then bailing.

I had a good laugh though when he suggested we do one of the specialty dungeons with this amazing group we had! Yeah…about that. Let me take a quick roll call – three tanks, one enchanter and one wizard. Hmmmm, what are we missing here…could it be someone to HEAL OUR ASSES?? Hey, who needs healing when you have MONKS! You know, I am beginning to see why the specialty dungeons have a very high death rate.

Saturday we met up with Dirge and Shar for a bit of fighting in a higher level zone and took on Giant Phallic Mushrooms (of doom). It was the funniest thing ever, sort of Fantasia meets John Holmes in the worst possible way. I’m not sure what the designers were thinking but these little mobile mushrooms were just…wrong. The pathing was all screwed up too so we would tag one and it would take off waaaaaaay to the right of us, loop around and come zooming on back. Boomer-shrooms! It was amusing. After Dirge and Shar left, TheMan and I puttered around for another 5 hours or so just noodling around here and there. It was pretty fun and I ran into the wizard from the night before! Fortunately he didn’t die after we left, unfortunately neither did the monk. Damn.

We played Sunday too but nothing special (no boomer baboomba shrooms, sadness) really to report. Besides, I think I have even bored the people interested in EQ to tears.

Well then, it looks like we played a lot of EQ. Hmmm! Well, it kept us entertained and it fulfilled our need to be doing something lazy yet fun. Be lucky, I could have been writing an entire blog entry about SG-1 because catching up on Season 3 was on the books for this weekend as well (it got bumped). Maybe we will do some SG-1 watchin action tonight and I can bore you to tears tomorrow. Lucky you! Hey, I picked up a couple source books for the SG-1 RPG so there could be double boring tomorrow! Whooo! Stay tuned!

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