Wait, Wait…I Know This One

Now that I have established the record for world’s longest practicing Rokokyu, I was feeling that it might be time to move on to greener pastures. So to speak. I am talking about actually absorbing my Rokokyu material, practicing my Rokokyu material and possibly learning the last 1.5 things I need to know to have all my Rokokyu material and then going on to Gokyu. There has got to be a long standing green belt record I can surpass, after all I am an old hat at this lingering business. I figure I might even work my way to brown belt…by the time I’m 60.

All this is leading to the astonishing fact that I, Rokokyu for going on two some years now, actually went to class last night. NO! You say. Oh Yes, ’tis very true. I figure if I had been diligent when I first joined up I would probably be a brown belt by now but I am still wearing basically an advanced white belt. Eh, it’s my own laziness that keeps me in white.

On the plus side, I really know my material.

The Rokokyu material consists of 18 different things that need to be learned before you can test for your green belt. Some of the stuff, like the Ipon Kumemes, are pretty simple (block, punch sort of deal) while others, like the 3 forms, take a while to go through and learn well. In the 2 years I have been going or not going to class, I have been taught everything but the Empe Iwa form and about three or four moves in the Empe Take form (which will get me to the point where the form repeats from the beginning, but on the other side of the body). I even know a form they took out of the Rokokyu progression (Sesan) and moved to brown belt material. Whooo.

The new Rokokyus know their Itosu lines (3) and yesterday we worked on polishing up the first of 8 Ipon Kumetes. With as little as I have gone to class, I could use a refresher on just about all the material (but what I would REALLY like to go over are the High-Middle-Lows because, errr…the last time I shook hands with one was over a year ago!) so I was all pleased to be working on the Empe series. Besides, what’s not to love about elbow strikes? I even got to coach the new Rokokyus on their technique a little. Talk about the blind leading the hard of seeing! Heh.

Yesterday was Upper Series day in karate so everyone was working on whatever upper series their particular rank needed to know. How fortuitous, Sempi W had been working with me on all the Ipon Kumete for about a half hour before class (most likely out of sheer crazy frustration. Poor Sempi was working out while a green belt and I were trying to remember what all the Rokokyu material was. I think our blathering drove him nuts until he up and abandoned his workout and worked with me on the material. Ahhhh! You belts are driving me nuts!) so it was really like picking up where I had left off. Cool beans. I even got to work on the other two empe series while the new Rokokyus stuck with number one (for the whole class). Bonus.

The last few minutes of class we all paired up haphazardly in a huge Upper Series fest. Whatever series we happened to be working on in our rank grouping we were instructed to practice in the new pairings. Brown belts and white belts and black belts and green belts all mixed together…it was fun! It works too since all the upper series start with a punch to the head so the white belts could work with the black belts. Even white belts know how to punch to the head. What the black belts did with that punch was pretty whacked but I enjoyed it. I got to see some of the advanced material I will be learning…sometime. Eventually.

Oh, and a sneak YEA! preview: TheMan signed up for Tai Chi last night. *SQUEEE* I am very excited! He starts Thursday and, of course, being the good wife I’ll come to class too so he isn’t all thrown into a completely unfamiliar situation. I am really glad he joined because now I have a Tai Chi buddy who has the added advantage of also being my ride home. I might as well go to class if he isn’t going home until after class anyway right? I am very geeked by this new prompt to GO TO CLASS already and I’m really looking forward to getting back on the Tai Chi wagon. Fortunately, it’s a slow moving thing so I ought to not have a lot of problems staying on, or at least catching up if I fall off again no? Go TheMan!

Isn’t he the best?

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