Friday the 13th Redux

Man, Friday the 13th again so soon? Isn’t that awesome how February and March have the same dates on the same day (unless it’s a leap year)? It saves thinking! Double bonus this year: The 7s fall on a Saturday so I haven’t had to do any thinking about what date to post the JSFRs for two whole months! Booyaw to the lazy!

Sadly, I’ve got nuttin and today is one of those “every day in the history of the booniverse” days so I gotta write. Or ramble as the case may be. Maybe I’ll be extra lamz0r and just give you 5 rambles and call it good. The Ramblin’ Five: Friday the 13th Edition.

Ramble One: CHUPA! Fun story! TheMan and I hopped over to JoAnne’s to pick up some fabric glue, on account of I used it all up with the last puppet making and I gotta crank out Chupacabras by April, and we also had a coupon (cuz LunarGeography is the BOMB) for a lot of fabric. I thought I’d have a look-see for some fun Chupacabra fabric and maybe pick some up if there were suitable candidates. We found the most perfect ugly awesome Chupa stylin stuff so of course we dragged the whole hideous bolt of fabric over to the cutting counter. (BTW – it comes in several colors too and LunarGeography has more coupons. Muahahahahaha!) The cutting lady was busy (busybusybusybusy) so we had quite a lot of time to giggle about our perfect yet obnoxious fabric find, enough so that the fella behind us asked what we were going to use it for.

Naturally, I busted out with “Chupacabra hand puppets” because who expects that response and I was feeling goofy. His reply though was a strange “Oh really? Cool! My mom watches the most awful movies and last night she was telling me of one that had a Chupacabra on a cruise ship. What’s the puppet for?” So then we went on about The Smithees (see: Cutting lady BUSY!) and he was all “Oooo! Cool!” I tell you, audience recruiting for The Smithees happens in the strangest places.

Ramble Two: I’ve been toying with the idea of getting our 1KBWC deck linked in somewhere. It had been on some database somewheres but we photographed it many moons ago and have built up about half again as many cards. The original database might have also been on the old server, in which case the whole thing is gone. I’m not horribly upset by this but I’m itching to get those cards out and in the public view again cuz I think they were good. In poking around I found a flicker group which posts 1KBWC cards (cool) that I might join, or maybe I’ll use flicker as a host site for the deck. Now all I need is a proper name for the deck: I think I called it the Smithee Deck way back in Ought 3 but I’ve always referred to is as the Origins deck. This could get a might confusing as it’s not the original deck but rather the Smithee crew started it at Origins in 02 I believe. Buuuut, it’s also not quite just a Smithee deck either, although the primary theme is Smithee related or tied into Smithee stuff. *shrug*

Ramble Three: Is it bad of me to mock a goal setting meme? Actually, I’m not sure it’s a meme exactly but there is this thing-it thing which is going around all about 1001 Goals for 2009 wherein you are supposed to make yourself a better person and accomplish 1001 goals by the end of the year. I’m lucky if I can keep 3 New Year’s Intensions (which are going as suck – HA! Typo! I’m leaving it because…eyah. Anyway exercising: One wagon, one boo fallen completely off. Drinking more liquids…wasn’t this like not even an intension? Anyway, that err, whatever it was is struggling along. I have good days and then those days where I think in the late evening, “Wasn’t I supposed to be drinking more liquid this week? Uh-oh.” I can’t even remember if there was a third one.

My whole point is 1001 goals are probably well beyond my doing and why set yourself up for failure? It’s not healthy. On the other hand, if I set a goal every day to not eat out of the candy jar, I’ve suddenly crossed off 365 goals. It’s pretty easy to keep that goal (the fire ball jar is still in that gray area…most of the time it counts, but sometimes it clearly is the fire ball jar and not the candy jar. Duhh!) Heck, 1001-365 is only 636 more things to accomplish. AND! If I add one more daily thing, like checking the mail then I’ve chopped out 720 goals minus Sundays (51, 52 I’m too lazy to look it up) which leaves around 300 goals to fill in! This could be easier than I first thought!

But I’m not doing it. Save the candy jar thing and I don’t know why but it amuses me since that’s obviously not the intension of the whole meme.

Ramble Four: Smithee Prep…is not done. Surprised? I’m not. However, all the quote buttons and Chupacabra buttons are printed out as well as the Smithees @ Smith buttons. This weekend I plan to get all the Smith prep done and packed out to go Monday. I need to poke TheMan about the ninja button and the other two show buttons at some point in time.

On the plus side, I’ve got a really firm idea about the puppets in my head and have quite a lot of the supplies. I’ll probably hunt up two more fur colors, a couple more ginormous googly eyes (I’ve got enough for 5 puppets, 6 if one’s a pirate but I’d like to see if I can find even bigger googly eyes) and see if I can find some biggish suction cups. I plan to make a mock-up of the puppets next weekish to see how my mental idea actually looks, and then go on from there.

Ramble Five: My new work rule is: If someone comes into work with a cold, and you get that cold, you have all the justification in the world for licking their keyboard. I’m just sayin.

2008: I also wanted to post, before I forgot it, that “BadGardens” is completely nothing like “Badmovie” and “LunarGeography” so the other day when I was all clever and stuff? I really wasn’t.

2007: Well, it’s official: I’ve lost this week’s food planning menu.

2006: That’s a whole onion, gobbled up, yum. I bet y’all wish you were TheMan last night, eh? SeXXXay!

2005: JSFR: Xylish Crystal Mint

2004: JSFR: Choco baby.

2003: Then I thought, there is only one way to top butter’s natural “holy-whopping-fat-wah” numbers: Deep fry it!

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Licking their keyboard? I always thought that wiping my nose on their mouse was a more direct method. But you must like your co-workers better….

  2. Boo Says:

    Licking is just ickier and I want them to KNOW that I DON’T appreciate their presenteeism one iota!

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