Unaware the Ides of March

Friday I was all “OooOOoooo! Friday the 13th again! Twice! In a row! Scary!” except not really. I’m not a huge Friday the 13th hater but I am amused by the whole double your Friday superstition thing back to back February and March bring. You triskaidekachronicphobic people must just HATE this year. I’m kinda glad I remembered because I like special neat days like that and lo! I remembered that Friday was one.

We didn’t do too much really. At work the rash of interviews for the vacant librarian position started up and this year we all were invited to the presentation the candidate gave. I think I’ve worked in the department through six different librarians and this is the first time I’ve gotten to sit in on the proceedings. It was neat. We’re looking at some internal candidates as well as external candidates and I’m all asquee about both types. I know the internal interviewees but I’m excited to see them strut their stuff. I’m also excited about meeting the external candidates and seeing what they have to say. Most of all, it’s awesome to think that one of the interviewees will be working here soon. Hopefully. It would be very sad if they all blew it or something, but I don’t think they will.

Friday Night was probably Warcrafty but also early to bed for me because my head cold was still firmly affixed to my poor plork. It also started the migration to my chest as all head colds of mine must do. Why? ARGH!

Saturday I did not do morning Warcrafty because my head was plody and my lungs drippy. I might have jumped on a bit but mostly I napped and made a pie for pi day (it was PI day!) for StalkerPatti’s Fantasy Island parTAY. We were supposed to think of a “dilemma” for to because something. I decided to go with a real world issue (none of this silly made up stuff) and dressed in my Smithee shirt with a button back and some socks. My problem for the Fantasy Island Party? MY SMITHEE PREP ISN”T DONE!!!! Because it’s not. That’s real, yo. Besides, I got to wear socks on my hands (pre puppets).

We left the party early and then I was up the entire night medicated to the gills and unable to breathe easily, sleep or go 3 minutes without coughing. That was super miserable and when TheMan woke up around 6, I was all “*SNIFF* I CAN’T BREATHE!!!! I HAVEN’T SLEPT! I’M SICK!!!! He asked if I wanted to go to the emergency room and I conceded that yeah. It was time to get help from the professionals. We showered up (because I was still able to breath and I thought we’d be there for-EVER and I at least wanted to be clean comfortable) and motored out into the early Sunday morning for some ER fun.

Things and stuff went pretty well, actually. I got some breathing treatments, a scrip for oral steroids to take for a weekish, a scrip for this tube deelie that’s supposed to make the inhalers much more efficient and a scrip some codeine cough syrup. Mmmmm codeine. All in all, we were at the hospital for about 3 hours, saw at least 5 different doctor people, I was treated by 3 different doctor people and cared for by a very nice nurse fella. He got me a blanket when we were first led to the triage room thing where I cooled my heels waiting for all the docs.

The experience was also a tad organizationally disorganized. The First Year resident, who was my primary doctor person was doing all the leg work but had to have the…ahhh…head resident? Chief of residents? Awesome resident queen of peeps? I forget what exactly the title was but the third year had to check the first year’s work. And then the Attending had to check both the resident’s work and somewhere in that they kept asking me if I had my chest x-ray yet or if someone’s come to do something or this or that. So they knew what was supposed to be done but nobody seemed really sure if it had been done yet. They still kept on top of it though so that was cool.

Here’s an interesting! They have these little wheelie supply cart things that go from bed to bed and are full of medicine stuff. The nurse fella had to punch in a key lock code to open the drawers and get whatever it was he needed out and then he went off somewhere else and left two drawers open (band-aids and swab things, I took a peek). I was curious, and had a lot of time to poke around, so I pulled on one of the closed drawers to see if it was locked. It wasn’t (syringes). Then later the cabinet gave a resounding KA-CHONK and lo! The closed drawers were locked down (I checked again. What? The breathing treatments were about 20 minutes each and I had 3). The nurse fella said that the medical overseer peeps had concerns about the supply carts being left alone with patients so they got locking/self locking carts so nosey people (hi!) can’t go peeking around in them. I think it’s an awesome idea because while I was primarily curious about the workings of the cabinet and just opened a drawer to see if it was unlocked, more unsavory people might take something or overly curious people might contaminate something.

We were discharged, stopped off at the drug store and a half hour later I was home in bed drugged up, breathing and sleeping sans trying to evict a lung. Weirdly, I expected the codeine to put me flat out but I wasn’t even loopy (except for the loopy from not sleeping for 24+ hours). Huh. It sure does knock a cough on its hinder though. Niiiiice cough syrup. Gooood cough syrup.

I made it to work today and felt surprisingly good despite everything (yay codeine!) but by the end of the day I had to put myself down for a nap. Not such a bad start for a recovery. Sometime after napping, TheMan and I realized that yesterday was the Ides of March…which went totally under both our radars. Let that be a lesson to all you out there, Beware the Ides of March isn’t just some dusty history thing. You go about without an eye on the Ides and it’ll land you up in the Emergency room. I’m wise to your tactics now, Ides. Don’t’ you believe I’ll be making THAT mistake again.

2008: La-la-la I’m not blogging you, Ides!

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2006: Actually, the Ides might have grounds for a grievance here.

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2003: He’s a good person and I love him even when he is being a butt. Besides, I have a kick ass BoxJam T now.

2 Responses to “Unaware the Ides of March”

  1. Bailey Says:

    Aww. Hope you feel better!

    You seem to get sick a lot. You had to go to the ER? I’ve heard scary things about the hospital in the US…

  2. boo Says:

    There is a killer cold going around work that everyone is getting and I’m in a 12 x 20 office space with 4 other people (thankfully they are students so they aren’t all here full time). One of them came in drippy and that’s all she wrote. I do get sick probably more often due to asthma complications I think. It can keep me up at night and then I’m no good for anything the next day.

    Yeah, ER trip for me cuz I just couldn’t get control of the asthma on top of the cold with my usual meds. The US hospitals don’t seem scary to me but I’ve only ever been to US hospitals so I couldn’t say if they are bad or not. It is pretty standard to cool your heels for an hour or two before anyone sees you if you aren’t actively bleeding out or limbs are falling off but that’s just something you take into account (see: showering before leaving).

    Thanks for the well wishes! I was feeling pretty good yesterday, so yay improvement! I could do without the coughing though, had enough of that.

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