The After Easter Review

*snork* Welcome back from the unexpected booniverse hiatus. Y’all can thank the man that is my husband for some of it, work for some of it and my own basic laziness for most of it. See, TheMan got me an early Easter present of Digestive Track Distress Syndrome which had me laid up Thursday and Friday. Awwwww. On the plus side, no Puke! It’s a good day when there is no puke. On the down side…ew. But hey, it brings us to Monday wherein I can do another recap.

So last week? Cranky with a capital C. TheMan came down with DTDS Tuesday so you can imagine what fun he was Monday before he and Mssr. Bucket bonded. I find that the day before a good sickness is usually spent grousing at people and true to form, my husband was a crabby butt Monday evening. Grrr! Then Tuesday and Wednesday came around and yowza. Have I mentioned that TheMan is a royal cranky pants when he is sick? There is none grumpier than he when laid up with some illness. Plus, there is the Smithee stress building up as well which just adds to the soup. Come Thursday when I came down with DTDS and was charmingly bitchy myself things was just sweet as pie here at the Q house. Oi.

But it’s gone (horay!) and we are both back to normal…or what usually passes for normal when talking about the newest Qs. Aside from the building Smithee stress, things is grand. Which segues right into…Smithee stuff! Like that? Clever no? So the crunch is on and this weekend was TheMan’s first of many long days in the office after hours editing the show. He noodled around Saturday doing something or other while I went out and did some shopping and then Sunday was the long 10 hour stint of Smithee hell, in which 5 hours were eaten by the displeased editing gods. Note to you project people out there: Pay your editing gods’ fees promptly because they will not only cause your machine to crash after 5 hours of work but they will make those 5 hours of work completely, irretrievably disappear. Yeah.

On the plus side, I got 10 sock puppet mouths sewn.

Oh, and I ate about 14 pieces of gum. I can’t help it, I found RainBlow gum at Krogers and it sorta came home (or to the office rather) with me. What are you going to do then but chew it? “Hi, I’m boo and I’m a bubble gum addict.” “Hi boo.”

Easter was very strange this year; I even forgot to dye some eggs. This makes me sad because there is nothing quite so fun as dying eggs and you can only really do it around Easter time. Or look like a complete loon, but mostly they don’t have the dyes about after Easter has come and gone. Now I’m going to have to wait until next year. Foo. We did do Easter baskets (sort of) in the morning and that was fun. I got TheMan a big old basket of stuff that I found at World Market. That ought to sum it up right there. I love World Market, they have all sorts of great stuff and I love wandering around and looking at the stuff. I did buy another set of mini lantern lights that are square (hey, you can never have too many mini lantern lights!) but I did NOT get the COOLEST saki set EVER, which I saw while shopping for Easter stuff.

Mostly because it was sitting right next to the second coolest saki set EVER and I really was having a tough time trying to rationalize buying two saki sets. I wanted them both and who buys 2 saki sets? Especially when they already have 4 at home? Hem. Moving on.

So I got TheMan all sorts of strange things (and martini olives and onions. We were low) and he got me a bunch of Ghiridelli chocolate squares (in plastic Easter Eggs…*squeee*), a can of pickled ginger (I tend to eat all the ginger when we go out for sushi. Must be related to gum balls) and a Bionicle, all of which he hid in my underwear drawer. Heh. Oh, and the BEST Easter card ever. We lounged around playing with the Easter stuff for a while (and eating the chocolate. I found a whole bunch of foreign chocolate for TheMan so we had that for breakfast) and then we went to church for Easter service.

I forgot how dressy Easter service was. I was, due to a laundry situation, dressed in a skirt and nice sweater but the kids were all in their best of best clothes (including the one little toddler in front of us complete with a tie and none too happy about it either) and there were lots of suits and other finery. It’s nice to see people dress up for church, I kind of miss that. Although, I also enjoy coming to church in jeans and having no one think twice about that either so six of one I’d imagine. The highlights of church were the new piano (baby grand) the congregation bought and the little toddler behind us who was all sorts of fascinated by other people and things. At one point in time he tried to take the flowers off my skirt, not understanding that they were part of the cloth or that I was wearing it. I just felt this insistent tiny butt grab during the service and when I looked down there was the little fella trying his darnedest to get him a flower. His mom was incredibly embarrassed. Hee!

Saturday we went up to mumses house for some eats. I finally made the B-52 torte that I was going to make for Mr. Paul many Christmases ago (don’t ask) and I have to say I still have the touch when it comes to layer cakes. I’m talking about the touch of ugly. I can make a great tasting layer cake but it looks like it might have traveled 7000 miles over rough terrain to get to you. The torte was no exception. It was lopsided, pointy and the frosting began to harden before it was completely on so I had to mush it in place by hand in a couple of spots (pretty!) but it tasted superb. Go figure. It was also very thumpy so we took about half of it home with us to share with the work folk. TheMan put it in the common break room this morning.

OK, I need some tea. Tune in tomorrow where I just might discuss the new recycling program. It’s been wanting to be written for about a week, and considering it has only been implemented for a week you can imagine how it’s going.

Last Year at the booniverse: Nothing to see, move along.

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  1. Shar Says:

    Oh, Boo! I was a bad girl! I heard about you all coming down with the plague and I teased. “Damn, they’re weak, they’re always getting sick!” And Whammo! Who should be laid up all weekend with…well, I guess DTDS is a precise enough name?! Tsk, tsk, that should teach me!