Oh the Pain!

Nothing to see here, move along.

My knuckles hurt! They were all puffy and oozy and tender yesterday and today they were better but now I keep bumping them on stuff and reminding myself that OW that HURTS! Somehow it seems so trivial to complain about my knuckles (but they are really really owwie) when all this world strife and whatnot is happening but it’s not happening to me and my knuckles are so knuckle pain seems much more immanent. ow.

I also feel like I should have said something about the space shuttle Saturday but the muse took me in an entirely different direction. That is one of the tough things about blogging, trying to fit everything you want to say in one coherent package. Stuff gets left out. Important stuff like Space Shuttles blowing up doesn’t even get mentioned as a foot note while the little stuff like my OWWIE KNUCKLES finds it’s way into electronic permanency. Several times in some cases. Ahh-hem. Moving on.

Hmmm…looks like I have more to say about this than break time really allows for so I’ll save the space shuttle thing for later when I can give proper attention to it. Things that I don’t have to think so hard on are my knuckles, because they still hurt, and Mon Jin Lao. That’s a restaurant in Southfield (or somewhere nearby at least) where we always do our biggest lion dance performance. Again, since I’m not in the troupe at the moment I am not sure what I am going to be doing. Joe said I should dress in good clothes because I will be helping him with logistics while Barb said that there was a lack of instrument players so I would be doing that (which might require my uniform). We shall see.

This does mean that I’m going to be out until 11 or so tonight, which sucks for trying to get well. I don’t need late nights and relapses but I have the only vehicle that will haul all the stuff to the site and I am glad to help out. Maybe TheMan will have the bed all warmed up and comfy for when I come back. Heh, I’ll have to ask him, it’ll be something to look forward to. Right now, I’m looking forward to the end of the day.

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