As Many Years as She Has Lives


Hi! I’m the Little Kitty and today is my BIRTHDAY! Hooray!

I was born 9 years ago today to a class act show queen named Jedi Haypenny Something Something-or-other. I think. Or was she just another of the breeding Queens in the cattery? I can’t remember, smarts are not my strong point. I’m the cute one.

Anyway, I have one brother, Pididdle (he stayed with the cattery people because he was blind in one eye), and one sister, Pumpkin (she was given to Cat-Mom’s good friend Jer as a going away present. Except Jer wound up staying and then he and Pumpkin wound up rooming with us for a couple of months). I hate Pumpkin. I made it a personal goal to beat up on pumpkin every chance I got when she came to live with us way back in the one place with the kitchen cupboards I could open. I love to open things.


I love boxes too.


Or things that are kind of like boxes.


This is my FAVORITE box. Today. That I can get into.

I love to chase things! I especially love to chase things across the floor and under the bookshelves. Or across the floor and under the chair or across the floor under the dresser or…basically I love to chase things (noisily) across the floor to somewhere I can’t get to them. Sometimes Cat-Mom or Cat-Dad will fish them back out and then I can play with them again. Hooray!


I really like to play with the thing on a string. Cat-Mom keeps it way up high so I can’t drag it all around the house. Sometimes she is no fun. I know where it is though, right there! There! On top of the door! I can see it, oh please get it down and let me play with it! That feather must pay!




Oooo…feather thing.


Most of the time, when I am not teaching the feather or mousie who’s boss, I like to sleep on my favorite spot.


I like this spot too but Cat-Mom and Cat-Dad keep putting stuff on it. What’s this…a pirate movie? On my square thing? Hrrrmpht.


This is a good spot to sit and watch from. I liked the other spot better but Cat-Mom and Cat-Dad put stuff in it so I can no longer sit there. I’d be more mad except the BOX is right in front of my used to be favorite spot to sit and watch from until it was covered up with stuff so I can no longer squeeze myself into the spot. I really like the BOX.


Hey! Stop messing with my BOX! Stupid other cat. Oooo, was that Cat-Mom promising scritchies? I must go see!

My favorite person in the world is Cat-Mom! No wait, Cat-Dad! No wait, Cat-DQ. No wait…do you have hands? Will they scritch me on the head? They will??? My favorite person in the world is you!

I have three tricks that I can do. I can meow when Cat-Mom looks at me, I can look like an alien when Cat-Mom pulls my ears back and I can…ummm…I forgot what the third trick was.


I really don’t like this trick at all.


Oh! The door to the UPSTAIRS is open…I have to go see if someone is sitting on the water bowl!

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