The Friday MINE!

And a resounding BITE ME to the Friday Five this week because it’s the same batch of questions that were up last week, which were all about work and blah de blah. Y’all don’t need to listen (watch? Read? Hear?) to me screed about work. Again. Still. Nothing has changed, really, and work just goes. So I chose to not answer them then (and I was sick) and I choose not to answer them again this week. Hrrrumph.

Oh! BTW You Snack Food Junkies…Pooooooost Dated! Take a look at Saturday (which magically appeared Wednesday). I have another to quick write up and post date for Easter Sunday too. See? I care for you, my JSFR junkies.

So I decided to fill today’s space up with my own brand of boo madness called…SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATER. It’s been a while since I randomly threw things at you from the percolating in my head. Ready? Pull!

JSFR: I have a TON of snack foods hanging around in various stages of review. Wednesday, while loafing around the office with TheMan and TheMan’s boss, I wrote up the Softick review and we all tried the Easter Surprise. Pics are in (and draft posted even), save one from the stickers that were in the packaging, now all we are waiting on is for boo to get her ass in gear and write up the write up. Gees. There is also the Cool World pops that are 1/3 (plus some) tasted and reviewed so I might just have me a pop for breakfast and tie up that loose end. I just finished the PenguiCones for posting this Saturday and I believe that is all that I have hanging around in the booniverse in quasi states of done.

This does not even begin to tally that which I have waiting to be tasted. I’m seriously considering cleaning Snack Food house this weekend/coming week because these little buggers are beginning to bother me. They have hit that linger point where now I look at them all and think “Yeah, yeah…Otogari (or whatever it was), I know, I know, I’m working on it and just BACK OFF KissMint, I’ll get to you too.” The only problem is drifting over to WizzyWig or Hillers and glancing towards the wall of candy (or in Hiller’s case, the endcap of goodness). Inevitably there is something there that I spot that I just HAVE to have and well…yeah. *sigh* I need to only shop at Joe Average American store until I have hacked through a good chunk of the Snack Food back log.

You junkies are in for a somewhat more steady fix it seems; Behold! Spring Snack Food Cleaning season has started.

Is it just me, or is it coincidence that Snack Food Spring cleaning coincides with Smithee Prep Week?

Smithees, Smithees, Smithees. They are in a little over one week and I have done a terrible job with promotions. *sigh* Ah well, hopefully people will remember it from last year and think about coming back. I plan to pepper the campus next week Monday or Tuesday or even this weekend with flyers. I just need said flyers. I’m not sure if we will do buttons this year for the A2 show. Maybe I’ll whip up a bunch and post them with the flyers for the taking. Hmmm!

Sock puppets. Yeah. Hey, I have this weekend to dink around with them. I’m working on it! Sheesh. Really I only need to have 3 done for A2 and that I can do.

Door prizes. Oh man, I have door prizes for the next 4 Smithees. Hee. And I am STILL not telling you what they are, you will have to mosey down to the show and see for yourself. I am especially fond of this year’s door prizes. They are no squishy ninjas (which is still fun to say) but they are amusing none the less. I need to come up with a cute quick name for them so I can rattle them off while handing them to people. “Here’s your ballot kit, pen and SQUISHY NINJA!” really rolled off the tongue last year.

The show is coming together and will be coming to a Chem Building near you (in fact, if you live in town and happen to be out on Saturday the 24th at 7:00 p.m. and your walk happens to take you to 1800 CHEM by all means, pop in. Grab a Cel-ray soda and cheese doodle and have a watch. The Guys have been e-mailing back and forth since Wednesday (11:58 pm, just under the midnight wire for the show submission) and finally, I think, they have argued which clips are in and which clips are out. Mostly. TheMan and Badmovie plan on spending the weekend in the office assembling the show and getting that all finalized. I plan on spending a lot of it at the dojo and then the office.

Which brings me nicely to the dojo. Hey, this is a pretty smooth running SAST no? Anyway, one of my long standing dojo friends did something which made it clear, to me, that perhaps the friendship needs to be closed. I’m pretty bummed about that since I’ve known this guy for going on 6 years now and he’s a hoot. I genuinely like him, but not LIKE him in that special way, and I think there in might lie the problem.

About two years ago I got unexpectedly tangled up in whatever is or is not going on with he and his friend by asking a question. Long short, and because his business really doesn’t need to be aired here, I was not privy to their business and so I mentioned something to his friend which upset his friend greatly. I’m not sure how much that strained the friendship between my dojo brother and me, but I think it did change it. Dropping out of the KFu program for a while also changed our friendship and I think, perhaps, it is just time to let the friendship fade.

My hunch is, that his friend wasn’t too keen on my dojo brother and I doing a KFu form together (or something along those lines) and so my dojo brother decided that the best way to resolve this was to simply tell me two days before the performance that I would need to do something else because he was doing a different form. No “How are you”, or “Hey, I have a problem about this” just point blank “I’m doing something else, you are on your own” In my book, a good friend just doesn’t do that sort of thing. In my book, I am no longer his good friend. If I were, he would have at least come up with some sort of excuse that wasn’t so dismissive. You know, he might have even said “No” to doing the joint demonstration in the first place. But he didn’t and he didn’t care enough to think of my feelings when he dropped me from the dual demonstration so yeah.

At least I hope my reasoning is more or less on, otherwise I’m going to have to go with perhaps my dojo brother thought I might bring his performance down so he cut me in order to make himself look better. Either way, not a move of a good friend. This had lead me to some serious reflection of my dojo standing.

I have gone into the politics of my primary program and how it really torques me but there were a few bubbles of sanity that kept me with the program. One was that I really do enjoy the art form. Karate is cool and all but I find KFu has a grace or depth or mystique or something that Karate lacks. Another was that being in KFu allowed me to lion dance as well and I really like that. Lastly, there are people in the program who I get along with smashingly and with whom I am comfortable being myself around. I am “friendly” with most of my KFu family in general but I have felt more and more distant from the newer members and lately even the older members. My dojo brother was one of the comfortable people and with him no longer being on the friendly list my group of people I get along comfortably with is pretty much halved.

I am, by nature, a social critter and I really don’t like being in situations where there are people about but no one I really click with. Alone I can handle (especially alone with a nice sqooshy pillow and a book) but I’m really uncomfortable being alone in a crowd. That’s what KFu has been for me lately. Yeah, if I came around more often I should bond with more people in theory but I get vibes that somehow I have become and will stay a loner in the KFu program. I’m not as tight with my karate brothers but I also don’t feel as alienated by them either. Maybe it’s the rigid structuring of karate that makes it this way…after all if I wear a certain belt than it is safe to say that I know ‘X’ material. This is true. For KFu it is not that clear what the belt means or what a person knows or how they learned it. The karate program also has a ton of black and brown belts which is an incredibly valuable resource. KFu has…one teacher.

I suppose in the back of my head I have been thinking about this all along and it boils down to “Do I really want to continue with KFu?” Is liking the art enough anymore? Tough to say. For now I’ll stick around, if only for tai chi and lion dance but the future is looking more promising on the karate front that the KFu front.

Last Year at the booniverse: He’s a good person and I love him even when he is being a butt. Besides, I have a kick ass BoxJam T now.

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