Weather Was Here, Wish I’da Seen It.

OK then, it’s Monday so it must be the weekend recap and here it is: Editing. Now y’all can go home and relax.

Heh, OK. Just kidding. First off, I want to say a big resounding YEA for the weather. Wow. No wait…WOW. It was beautimus. It was so beautimus I banished the stinky Easter lily to the side porch without fear that it will get too cold and die. Which is good, cuz my mommy gave me the Easter lily so I wouldn’t want to kill it off. At least not right away, I’m waiting a bit on that. Heh. It’s also good because that thing was putting out the reek. Fraaaaaaaaaagrent. Plus, it makes the porch all pretty like with a big ol bloomin Easter lily hanging out getting some sun.

This was a big weekend for dojo activities and Smithee stuff so we two Qs spent a lot of time doing both. Friday, TheMan and I got all duded up and headed out to the 30th annual dojo banquet for some fun and eats. Due to the stuff and stuff I wasn’t as keen on attending this year as I have been in the past, but we were doing a lion dance performance (and I had several gong solos! I rock the gong, y’all) with both northern and southern lion and that was pretty cool. We haven’t dragged the northern lion out for quite some time. Years. Many years.

Some of the highlights included the best stuffed banquet chicken ever followed by these amazing cannolis which were tres tasty and split levels! Which were not so tasty. I thought it was neat to see them though, the only time I have ever seen split levels is when either my mum or I have made them. We make them better, BTW. Lastly, the decorations were really cool. There were chopsticks with different sayings all on them, GIANT ORIGAMI CRANES of doom and Occupido rocks. Heh. Incase you are wondering, the rocks were half fist sized stones intricately wrapped with knotted twine. I guess it’s a Shinto or Budo or some philosophy thing where you leave the stones about your meditation place so that other people know that you are in that spot. I know a couple “meditation places” that I might put these stone rocks around. Heh. I know all this because we sat with one of my karate sisters and she was the one who did all the rocks.

Incidentally, I’d like to point out that none of my KFu family bothered to come by and sit with TheMan who was flying solo until his wife got back from doing the performance thing. Interesting that.

We left early, slept in and were at TheMan’s work editing (and noodling around…at least on my part) at a decent time. Badmovie came over and helped edit/noodle (but mostly edit) and then I took off to help with the open house clean up at the dojo. On the way in I stepped on a dog’s toe. Sorry dog. Not much of consequence happened and I zoomed back to TheMan’s work. I did get some more work done on prepping sock puppet parts and I made 30 buttons. Whoot.

Sunday I worked security for the seminars, had fun, and got to listen in on four hours of martial arts lecturing (and doing, but I wasn’t doing the doing). It was pretty interesting watching the different people in the different programs try to adapt to the techniques. I was golden since most of it was either Karate, which I know about, KFu, which I know about or basic Judo or Aikido…which I have run across helping with kids class. I went out with some dojo buds afterwards and something really weird happened that hasn’t happened for a very long time. Out of a group of six people, I was the baby of the lot. Woah. It was really rather kinda weird. We talked shop and then I headed back to TheMan’s work to do some more noodling.

I got another 30 buttons made, the flyers printed and discovered two ways not to put the spots on the cow puppets. That’s what prototypes are for I imagine. TheMan got the Smithee show edited, DVDed and mostly completely all done…save for a few errors that have cropped up here or there. Mostly, though, editing is done! Whooo!

And hey, you JSFR junkies…didja notice the PenguinCones? Yup. We tried another snack food last night and I’ll see about getting it written up fairly promptly. No Popsicles for breakfast though. Eh.

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