It Came From My Plork

Heh, can you guess what all has been happening at the Q house? Smithees…SMITHEES…SMITHEES! Tis the season. Monday, I believe, we watched the whole show cover to cover…errr…well literally when it came to Worst Cover Copy but mostly figuratively for the rest. TheMan found a couple seconds he could shave off here and there, a couple glitches he’s going to have to fix and we cast our votes. So far the show clocks in at under two hours but just barely (1:50ish) but that’s the cover to cover play. Once you add an audience, balloting, and an MC it begins to bloat.

I’ve been busy at Promotion Fu but not as busy as I would like; sock puppets are still stalled at “How do I get the damned spots on without gluing myself to the puppet”, and they don’t even have feet yet. Poor sock puppets. The good thing is that I really only need to make 3 up for Saturday and one of them has spots on already. It ain’t a pretty cow but by gum, it’s a spotted cow. Mayhap I’ll see if DQ has any thoughts on spotting cows.

Also along those lines the button adverts are a new and interesting thing. I had to go all medieval on some poster stupe who rudely slapped their (ugly assed) poster over my Smithee crap. Hey! Y’all don’t go covering up MY event because you can’t fit your humongo poster in a space that isn’t already occupied. Y’all might just find that your smarmy assed 11 x 17 poster gets ripped down and thrown away if y’all can’t play nice on the bulletin boards. Fuckers. Alessar was all about the share and play nice but, dudes, OVER MY POSTER? I don’t think so. Let’s show a little board etiquette here and at least have the courtesy to move my poster a little to fit yours in so both of them can be seen. Otherwise I’ll just rip it down again. Man, that burns my butt.

And just so you know, I’m running with a half sheet (8.5 x 11 half that is) of paper for my flyers so Mr. 11 x 17 can kiss my Smithee posting ass.

OK then, lets see. Oh yeah, Books on Tape. TheMan and I are currently listening to Terry Prachett’s “Men at Arms” on the iPod. If you ever have to go on a long trip, say up to see the in-laws north of north, books on tape rock. We can usually get one reasonable book in on the way up (70% if it happens to have been the latest Harry Potter) and it’s a lot more engaging than surfing radio stations once you get past Gaylord. They get both kinds of music up there: Country AND Western. Wooo. Sometimes, though, we just listen to a book while driving in to work or moseying around.

I have to say, this particular BoT production sort of bites. I have some technical nit picks about their chaptering (only 5 of them. That makes for a mighty long fast forwarding through any one chapter you happen to accidentally skip over instead of pause) and their general proofing of their final product. Whoever is doing the reading has mixed up the Carrot and Colon voices on several occasions. Not that I’m all grumpy at the reader because daaaaamn! The dude’s been reading for 6 to 8 hours, I’ll give him some whoops slack. No, I’m kind of cranky at the production crew for letting it slide as often as they have.

Although, I DO have a pick with the reader guy about his female voices because each one sounds just like the other. I had to go by context when two females started talking in the same scene. TheMan doesn’t like the reader’s Capt. Vimes voice, particularly, either. Ah well. It’s a good story and being a Prachett it’s really funny.

Anyone else have a weird dread of tumbling down stairs? Every time I step on the grand staircase I think to myself that it’s quite the staircase if I happen to twist my ankle somewhere near the top. Of course, that gets me to thinking about my feet in a way that is most assuredly guaranteed to cause some sort of ankle wobbling. I tell you, I ankle wobble with the best of them. Hrrrrm.

Hey, it’s Wednesday…which means my side saddle is completely stuffed with 3 coffee cups and an apple. No more munchies or drinkies for me this week. Sadness. Yes, I’m holding firm on the “Not being a sanitation engineer” philosophy. Maybe I’ll get my stuff together and bring my cup home, wash it, and then bring it to the Union for coffee tomorrow. Oh wait a minute…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry about that, let me wipe my eyes. Whew, that was funny.

And that is about everything that is swilling about in my plork. You JSFR junkies might want to take a peek at Easter’s entry. I did a little web log managing and post post dated my Easter Surprise. Your Welcome. Stay tuned for Watering Kissmint and a potential Smithee Extravaganza Picture blog this weekend. I am entertaining the idea of taking some snaps on Saturday. No promises though.

Last Year at the booniverse: “Hey babe, I have a pocket full of squishy ninjas all for you!”

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