Thinks for Thursday

Hello there booniverse readers. Welcome to Thursday. I think. Right? Eh, what the hay, it feels like Thursday to me so I’m just going to go with it.

Do you know what I got paid to do today? I got paid to sit in the sun for just shy of an hour this morning waiting for a Librarian to pull up with stuff I was supposed to help unload. I was actually sitting for two separate stints of waiting (and I bet you can guess where this is going can’t you?), the first where I said to myself after twenty minutes “Gosh! The Librarian sure is late…maybe I ought to check to see if The Librarian left a message or came in a different door.” The second was after I had gone back down to the office, confirmed that there was no message or Librarian and came back up to wait some more. Eventually another Librarian came out and told me the first one had been there since blah blah time, which was exactly the same time I was in transit trying to figure out what was going on. I am murphy’s bitch.

I’d be all cranky about the whole messing up of the plan which resulted in me sitting out on the steps for something shy of a half hour each time but hey. I got paid to sit out in the sun and the breeze and the quasi nature and the people and the nice and well…complaining seems a bit trite no? Nice day out there too. I highly recommend work faux pax as such because it provides a nice yet official break.

I did miss out on the second half of a proctoring (shutup) meeting but I don’t feel too bad about that either. It was originally scheduled for yesterday, bringing my total number of meetings that day to…one. But no. It had to be rescheduled for today and on top of something I already had going so it became meeting number six for me. Six is just way too many meetings to have in one day so officially sitting in the sun was kind of fun. Nope, sorry, can’t stay at this meeting. Very important things to do, must be going. Is what sun lotion? Errr…why do you ask?

Hey here’s an interesting thing: I am proctoring a full exam (shutup-shutup) this year. Normally I just go in for (*sigh*) relief proctoring (shutup^3) which is a twenty minute stint so that the regular proctor can take a break. This year I’m the real deal. I wish they had a different word too, maybe Monitor or Room Whatsit, or even She Who Looks For Cheaters because Proctoring sounds bad. ANYWAY, I get to be the alpha and omega of exam orderliness this year which is a bit daunting. Relief proctoring is a snap: Come in, sit down, read a book for 20 minutes and then leave. Proctor proctors have to set up the room, get the exams, give the instructions, keep time, collect the exams…it’s all going against my very nature of laziness. On the plus side, I only have to proctor once while the relief proctors have seven or so break sessions they have to do.

Hooo! I almost forgot about the Smithee Swag. I snagged more blank ballots yesterday and now I have enough for the A2 show and the Origins show. Good golly! My new blank ballots come in all sorts of tasty colors too, very shiny. I approve. Cows? Still not done. Meh. (or is that Moo?) I have three days, provided today is Thursday after all. OH! TheMan is on vacation tomorrow, I might draft him to spot cows. Heh! I like this plan! The prep goes well (aside from the cows) what with the final show being burned to DVD last night and the final element of Smithee Gorp being purchased (the sinister smiling snack cracker pretzels if you were curious). My ninjette outfit is all ready to go, TheMan is thinking something in silk might be fashionable MC attire (which means I’m doing some hand washing tonight. Whooo), the paper and pens are set and rarin’ to go, I guess it all hinges on the cows. Damned cows.

It feels like the calm before the storm.

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One Response to “Thinks for Thursday”

  1. TheMan Says:

    Mmm… Clams…

    Oh, wait. I misread that… Having clams before a storm sounded very tasty tho, so I’m gonna stick with that.