Japanese Snack Food Review: Watering KissMint


This is another of my Engrish purchases: Watering KissMint. With this sort of name I’m not sure what I am about to eat, what’s going to happen when I do eat it and whether it will be a good thing or a bad thing. Incidentally, the only other English on the whole package (other than the product name and the company name) is “with XYLITOL” so you know it’s going to be…something.

I just looked it up (your welcome) and it appears that Xylitol is some form of reduced calorie sweetener that also prevents tooth decay and will probably do the windows too if you leave it on the sill. Watering Kissmint is, in fact, gum. It comes 8 per package and looks just like the familiar American Wriggly counterpart but about 3/4 the length. If gum had knees and you whacked gum off at the knees you would have KissMint.

KissMint is appropriately named because it is one minty product. It is so very aromatically minty that opening the outer plastic seal caused this rolling cloud of mint to go rampaging through our kitchen. It has a strong mint flavor as well, but not as strong as the smell might suggest. As for type of mint, I’m going to have to go with spearmint. Maybe. I think. It seemed to me to taste more like the white Wriggley’s gum than the green one so I’ll stand by my spearmint guess for now.

As for texture, it is kind of odd in that way as well. If you have happened to have tasted the Gatorade gum they have out now, KissMint is really close in texture. TheMan said it’s what happens when Gatorade gum goes mint. For those of you not yet in the Gatorade gum scene, KissMint is an amalgamation of Bubble Yum without any of the sugar (and flat), Trident but not quite so soft (and more stick like) and any of the Wriggley’s clan if you nixed the sugar grittiness and made the gum base a little softer on the chew.

KissMint seems to keep a nice steady gum base too that neither disintegrates on you after a long chew nor becomes a nasty stiff mess in your mouth. Pretty much you can chew it for ages and it stays the same as when you first gummed into it. You might not want to chew it forever, though, because KissMint starts to lose the minty goodness after about 15 minutes and is pretty bland after a half hour. I wont fault it for that because pretty much every other brand of gum does the same thing. So, I’m going to give KissMint a very average


of 3 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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