The All Smithee Review ‘04

This should have been up on Sunday but there was a picture problem. Mainly all the pics I took turned out blurry (except the unhealthy snacks pic, which was disturbingly clear). That’s OK, it was par for the course in terms of relying on technology. Ah well, whacha going to do right? So on with the Smithee Pic Blog Entry of Doom!

Here’s my first pic. I just want to say that they don’t get much better than this, I’m afraid. Oh well, I’m calling it art. This is our staging area, which was much more of a wait for the people to get their crap out of the room area since there was some sort of economics review session going on. Eyyytch, economics. It put a bit of a delay to the start of things. Not so auspicious. That blur is Badmovie and LunarGeography. No, really.

Hey look! Smithee food! You can see some of the badness here (in focus, strange that) but you do not see the sticky popcorn, the Velveeta fudge or the Drinks of Colors Not Found In Nature. The food took over three tables and a couple satellite table ends this year. And for the record, Velveeta fudge ROCKS. I find that very disturbing.

Oh, and look! This, everyone, is Wheloc who either actually exists or is such a powerful mass hallucination that he even fools digital media. Here he is wondering why his eyes aren’t glowing red. (love the shirt too, it says “+1 shirt” on it incase you can’t see it). He was just one of 169 people who made it to the show this year (or maybe he is one of 168 if indeed he is a powerful mass hallucination). 169 people! Wow!

This is a view we all got accustom to seeing quite a bit. Our spiffy new $30 portable DVD player turned out to be a steaming piece of feces. Poor TheMan, this was one of the roughest Smithees I have attended and it’s all the fault of the stupid damned DVD player.

Here we have the Table of Technology Woe. I had the GREAT idea to bring a lap top along “just in case” and TheMan, who had every confidence in the NEW PORTABLE DVD PLAYER decided that we should tote my powerbook along since it was smaller. Guess whose powerbook couldn’t read the disc after the NEW PORTABLE DVD PLAYER crashed, wrecked and burned? Poor, poor TheMan.

Here is Kurt coming to save the day after running to the office (after TheMan ran to the office to pick up an adapter cable for the powerbook that ALSO DIDN’T WORK). Yea Kurt! Except due to some Hand Of God miracle, the dead DVD player came back to life about a minute before Kurt showed up. Well, I guess it IS the Smithees after all.

We spent the extended intermission time presenting giveaways. We had four drawings which went to TheMan’s coworker Ellie, TheMan’s boss Kurt, a good friend of LunarGeography and Badmovie and our mutual friend Sean Whose Name is Nate. Heh. Yeah. We are all about the fairness here (actually they were randomly drawn. Honest). Here is Sean Whose Name is Nate and his cow. The cow is in the can. Eventually, the technical difficulties were overcome and the show went on. We all watched in rapture as our souls were sucked out of our body.

See? Look, there they go.

Scott, however, seems not to mind too much. Another day, another soul.



Afterwards we did the traditional Pizza House run in which those of us who were not driving had many, many glasses of drink. Huzza!

I’d like to take this space of blog to thank everyone who helped out:
DQ and Tracy for the mad pre show cow assembly.
Susan (?) for happening to be at Anthony’s Pizza and happening to mention the show and wala! Anthony’s Pizza sent FREE PIZZA to the Smithees!
Anthony’s Pizza ROCKS!
The Two Mormon Missionaries who helped Badmovie and Lunar Geography carry the show in. True fact! (*giggle*)
Justin for helping with the pre show running around and post show load out.
Scott for being a sound tech, a ballot counter and helping with load in/out. A man of many hats.
Donald who also took up the ballot counting.
Kurt for running to get a sane laptop. If there was anyone who deserved to win the Bunny Blow, it was he!
Bubbles for wearing the COOLEST pants ever. Heh.
Ken and Jason for helping lug stuff during the post show load out.
And anyone who I may have forgotten or I don’t know because there were lots of hands helping move this thing along. Huzza!

(and of course special head scritchies to the stalwart three: TheMan, Badmovie and LunarGeography)

Last Year at the booniverse: 10:30 and all is fish.

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