A Wednesday full of Wackiness

Welcome to another addition of Short Attention Span Theater!

Man am I feeling good this morning. I took one of those 9 hour naps and woke up today at 4am. I think I am still in the last recuperating stages of The Plague so I was a bit tired yesterday after work but not this morning I tell ya! Whooo! I woke up at the crack of dawn all rested and feeling right with the world. I thought about getting up and doing some exercises but I wasn’t THAT right with the world so I spent the next 2 hours dozing happily beside TheMan (who was dead to the world asleep). Very nice. So when the alarm finally went off I was pretty down with that. TheMan, on the other hand was having a hard time waking up so I agreed to Borg him after my morning ablutions.

Oh yeah, Borg. Small side note (that I may have blurted somewhere already) TheMan has a good part of his house remotely wired and slaved through a first generation lap top (of doom) running X-10. The alarm is an appliance module with a Borg Hallmark Christmas ornament and a string or so of Christmas lights plugged into it. Every week day at 6ish the Borg and lights snap on and tell us that they are the borg, and to have a happy holiday and that resistance is futile. You can also turn them off and on with the handy remote so we use that to signal in the mornings when one or the other of us are done in the bathroom. Errr…that wasn’t so small a side note really. Heh.

So I went upstairs while TheMan snoozed and decided to do a little bit of working out. I did some lunges, some calf raises and went through San sen a couple of times. Again, I have lost a part of it but only at the very end and I *think* I might know what might be in the spot that I always stop at but it doesn’t feel quite right so I suppose tomorrow I’ll just ask and see if the move I have been putting in is actually the right one or if I’m on crack again. I swear that is how half the forms are made anyway, someone forgets where the next move goes and decided that X move will do and wala, a variation on a theme.

Darn, and I really wanted to write something last night too, but I was gone by the time we got home. Zonked. Most probably because I did not get home until 11:30pm on Monday and I was tired at 5 when I left work. The lion dance troupe did their annual Mon Jin Lau gig and I went along to help haul stuff. And play as it turns out. I was on the outside, then scurried to the bar area to play inside after the outside part was done. Usually, there is some sort of bastardized scenario outside the restaurant, then the people who have been coaxed to come outside go back inside and the lion travels through the bar to the back room, dances around and gets about 7 or so greens hung on the ceiling, then comes back through to do the bar which has another 7 or so greens hung about, then the lion backs out and we all go home.

So I went in with my happy gong and was gonging away when Chris decided I needed to play the cymbals. NOOOOOOOOO! My knuckles hurt even more again lots ow. *sigh* But it did sound better and it took less room to play them then the gong so it was a toss up on how bad playing cymbals really was. What was bad was how crowded it was! More so than I had seen it before and the people were more obnoxious than they have been before. One of them had to get up and tie a balloon to the lion as it was dancing along. THAT hasn’t happened as far as I know. Other people kept trying to feed the lion as it went by. Heh. Mmmm, sake! As a special bonus, I got to see Chris work the lion head. Not that I took my eyes off the drummer, because you never take your eyes off the drummer! but it was a real treat to watch him work.

I’m not dissing my dojo brothers and sisters who are lion dancing now but Chris has been doing the lion for about a bazillion years. If you could get belts in lion dancing, he’d be a black belt no question while the next level of belt may be green (heh, and I would consider myself a white belt in lion dancing and I have/had been doing it for 5+ years). Chris was all over with the lion, standing on chairs, going here, over railings, popping here, double deckering there and making it look like he was out for a stroll. It was a thing of beauty. He made it come alive and that is something that my other dojo brothers and sisters have yet to master with the ease that Chris does it. Me? Heh, I could not be more mechanical in the head if I were some sort of robot. Step, turn, step, turn… I was working on making a decent butt tho and maybe when I rejoin in the fall I’ll perfect tailing in a couple of years. That will be my goal, to be the best butt I can. Hee!

Then coming home was weird. To back up, the whole night was very weird in a weather sense. It started this pbbblaping of rain sometime in the day so by the time 6ish rolled around the snow had started to get serious about subliming. The fog was pretty thick on the drive out. Then, the splattering of rain, which was ignorable for the most part, decided to get serious about doing its job and the skies opened up. Buckets of rain pouring down in a early February deluge complete with thunder. Ummm, wait February 3 and it’s thundering rain? OoooooooKay. The rain let up and the downpour was enough to wipe most of the fog away. There was still a tad of haze that dispersed the headlights nicely without hindering visibility which was cool, but the truly freaky thing was the snow, which wasn’t through subliming by any means. So, through a light haze there were patches of incredibly thick low hugging ground fog scampering here and there across the road. It was like someone had set up fog machines periodically and left them on full bore. Cool in a Stephen King sort of way.

And lastly, a cool traffic thing! While returning I was stopped at the light that leads up to the hospital. Coming at me (in the other lane) was an ambulance which was going to have to turn left towards the hospital because, well, that is where the hospital is (pretty much the emergency room is about 100 yards from the light). All three lanes were blocked by cars also stopped at the light so the sole guy in the left turn lane did a little whoopdie U-turn around the boulevard and opened up a spot for the ambulance to come through. Wow! Whoda thunk that someone would give up their right to be turning and back track around and hit the light again. It was nice to see someone thinking of other people while driving for once.

Ooo, *ffftt* could someone be a little disgruntled lately about the general idiocy of traffic etiquette? Nooo, no me! Everyone has all the other driver’s best interest at heart when they are driving, I’m sure of it!

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