Revenge Of The Weekend!

Heh. Yes, it was the Smithee Weekend of Doom this past Saturday, and as promised I put up a blog with pics! Poor pics but hey, I deliver what I promise and I distinctly remember not making any such claims to be thinking of putting up good pics. Heh. I also put it up a tad late (*cough*postdated*cough) but it is there. Today’s entry is the meetier version of what happened or the traditional Weekend Review.

Friday we did something but damned if I can remember. Lets see…OH! Pirates! Right. TheMan wanted to watch a good movie and since we had Pirate of the Caribbean loafing about we popped that in. I love me some Pirates! Arrrr! Afterwards, we surfed around the TV and stumbled upon a Free Per View on the pay channel featuring the Blue Man Group. Coolness. We decided to settle in for a bit of Blue Man watching because, hey! It was free. It was also tres cool. Of course, what are you going to say but tres cool about a bunch of mute people with blue latex heads drumming away on PVC pipe? Well, maybe a lot of things, but you really ought to consider “tres cool” as one of them. Check out “Exhibit 13”, it’s a really neat 9/11 tribute. On the not so downer side, they do a really kickin remake of I Feel Love and their PVC smacked version of Baba O’Riley just has to be seen.

Saturday was THE DAY. Ooooo! I wound up leaving TheMan to have his quiet pre-Smithee meltdown in peace and headed over to DQs where the sock puppets were still in production. Yes, 3 hours before show we were still assembling cows. All they needed were bells on ribbon (which I sewed on), waggly eyebrows (I glued on) and legs, which I stuffed and DQ attached. She also was sewing them too so it was last minute mad cow rushing. They got done and they looked great. And they jingled. Rang? Well, they had cow bells and when you shook them they ding-dinged. They were a big hit at the give aways.

I can’t say this is the best Smithees ever, since it was fraught with small emergencies. We couldn’t get into the room until almost 7 because there was a study group studying their pre exam hearts out. So we unloaded and waited. And waited. And waited and then, wala! A mad scramble to set up. Then the spanking new $30 DVD player fizzled out its maiden voyage out and the back up player (my powerbook) couldn’t read the disc so there was an extended intermission as people ran frantically about until some miracle resurrected the DVD player enough to limp through the rest of the show. Many hugs for TheMan for handling the craziness with much aplomb (and not a lot of wigging out).

I’m not sure what time we got started but I think it was late. No matter, though, we exceeded our previous all time high (set last year with a max attendance of about 120ish) with a whopping 169 max voters. Wow! That’s almost half again as much as last year AND over half of the Origins attendance. That’s a lot of people. They even stuck around (for the most part) during all the technical difficulties as not a single category fell below 100 voters. There were so many people that LunarGeography publicly admitted that she was wrong in thinking Badmovie vastly overbought unhealthy snacks. We even had a pizza donation by Anthony’s Pizza. How cool is that? People brought stuff too, I saw (and ate) Velveeta Fudge and Sticky Popcorn (both disturbingly good) and noticed many other snacks that didn’t arrive with Badmovie (the traditional King of Unhealthy Food Acquisition). It still went very fast.

We got home at 2ish in the morning and slept in until noon on Sunday. This, of course, pushed our noon o’clock plans back a bit but it wasn’t our fault! Someone stole 11 am. No really, the clock jumped from 10ish to noon. I swear. Anyway, we all went out for a last farewell hurrah lunch/breakfast thing with Tracy (DQ’s good bud), who was flying out that evening. She had come up for the week, which more or less ended with the Smithees, so we though to at least send her off with some small piece of sanity. Sort of. Well, Lunch/breakfast has got to be more wholesome than a Smithee viewing.

After that, TheMan and I puttered. He wandered around taking snaps of the various flowers and whatnot (which he will most likely post) while I cleaned up the yard some in preparation for mowing. There was a lot of deadfall to be tossed on the ever growing pile of “things that need to be chippered. Still”. I must have gotten inspired, what with the outside and the nice and the budding things and stuff, because the next thing I knew I was off with a bag of potting soil, some plants in need of transplant and some really old seeds. I have been meaning to plant these puppies for quite some time now but this and that came up and the next thing I knew, three years had passed. I don’t even know if they are viable anymore so it’s now another kind of experiment. Stay tuned for updated of “Seeds of the damned”.

As a side note, my watering can seeds experiment of ’04 are just wet dirt in a can. Not, like there would be any difference in three days, but I thought you might like to know that it hasn’t grown legs and walked off.

After playing in the dirt, and discovering that all my bulbs have sprouted (the cellar appears to be a bit damp as well as cool and dark. Whoops), TheMan and I went up to play some EQ. That was actually the only thing on our plan for Sunday so the planting, potting, yard wandering and the loads of laundry (why yes, I did that too) were all bonuses for a day of planned sloth.

Not much to say about EQ, other than TheMan leveled his enchanter (32) and the frog is just shy of 33. The zone we are hunting in was mighty crowded so things were slim pickings and slow. On the plus side, something really freaky happened with my machine and the EQ server which cause half of the zone to lose the ground texture. The rocks, critters and any buildings were still there but floating on a surrealistic foggy landscape. Very bizarre and a bit unsettling since I couldn’t tell when the terrain went up or down aside from the fact that people and critters would suddenly shoot out of view until I panned up or down to figure out where they had gotten off to. We discovered it was a good kind of weirdness that the terrain didn’t exist for me because I could see critters through the “mountains” and “hills”. All in all fun in a very Dahli kind of way.

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