StalkerPatti and her long planned present finally meet.

Happy Happy Green Green and all that. The head cold is still in full force but I gots drugs. Mmmm, drugs. Actually, it’s not too bad but the student I got it from is still sniffly after three weeks so it looks like cold and I are going to be getting to know each other really well. Stupid cold.

So! St. Patty’s day. In celebration TheMan and I hoofed it to the post office to mail out the mini Smithee box for ConBust. Wow, the expression, we’re presenting the first showing of Smithee 18 in a week and a half. Am I prepped? I guess I am as prepped as I’m gonna be considering the promo and supplies box is winging its way to Massachusetts. I spent quite a bit of Monday night stamping and pressing buttons (BUTTON BIZ IS THE BOMB!) and then I passed out. See: Head cold.

On the way to the post office, TheMan and I thought about maybe celebrating with that old Irish tradition of Big Ten Burritos (BTB Burritos now) but they also serve green beer or somesuch and there was a huge line to even get in to the place. No thanks. And anyhow, as one webcomic put it, the Irish never made a beer light enough to tell that it was dyed green so what the heck?

Our amusing for the day: On the way back from the post office we saw one chick who decided to take a nap right there on the sidewalk. Her friends were little help…just standing around poking her and saying “Awww man. We gotta get her up. Hey her, you gotta get up.” 1 in the afternoon and she’s already too drunk to stand. Oi. I do not get it but whatever. I’m sure her St. Patty’s day just got better from there on out. And also? GET OFF MY LAWN!

Head cold makes me cranky!

TheMan and I were going to have a quiet WoW (the game) night of it, maybe some beers except that you can’t mix codeine and beer, and call it good but then StalkerPatti zoomed over to pick up her prezzie. Hee. I’ve been planning to make her up a Norbert since the inception of Norberts but you know…her birthday or whatever wasn’t until like forEVER away and blah blah procrastination cakes. Then, suddenly, it’s the first week in March and HOLY CRUD! I need to make a Norbert Post haste! Thus, a lot of my lunch breaks and break breaks were spent assembling a Norbert since I had procrastinated way longer than I should have. However, in the end I had me a Norbert to give to StalkerPatti. She was quite asquee about the Norbert and persuaded us to take a gander over to the Corner Brewery, where she had been before zooming out to pick up her prezzie. This we did. They had a really good band playing called Hullabaloo but their super special happy beer wasn’t so grand (I had a small sip).

Also in green news and a complete non sequitur: Plants. It’s getting warm enough that I’m going to have to stop thinking about plants and start doing about plants. I guess I know what I’m going to be doing on my vacation days.

2008: There may also have been more pie eating. What? Day after pi day…duhhh!

2007: JSFR: Cacao Pretz

2006: Let’s just say that I’m letting the cookie cutter rest up for next year.

2005: We thought we might check out this “Grotto Club” deelie but alas, It was a member’s only club. We got bounced! Hee!

2004: I’m wearing purple undies, how are you celebrating?

2003: Last night’s freaky wet TV girl weirdness was much better than Saturday night’s neurotic-ness, which is pretty typical.

2 Responses to “Green!”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    There is something seriously wrong with my tongue in that picture!!!!
    Norby sleeps in my bedroom now, on the dresser. If you watch closely, I think he winks at you.
    My nonsequiter–I bought onion sets for our shared garden space!!!

  2. Boo Says:

    I kinda really like that pic of you. It show’s off your enthusiasms.

    Yeah boy, I was just thinking that I need to get my gardening butt in gear and start up some seedlets this week. Muh peppahs aint gonna grow themselves.

    BTW, I measured the garden and it’s 19 boots by 21, 24 possibly 26 boots, depending on how much land clearing gets done. I’m going to do my ring of hot peppers again so that’s one less boot all the way around but still. Thems a lot of boots.

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