The Ennui Diner

Today is one large serving of moody with apathetic sauce and a side of cranky. Oh, would I like some fresh grated grumble to go with that? Yes, please!

Well, to get the ball rolling both my experiments are wet dirt. Surprise, surprise eh? I have been putting my seeds outside during the day and bringing them in at night, at least until the weather improves and they can stay out without fear of being chilled. So out they went this morning, as the two day old custom has established itself, and by the time I got to work I noticed that there was snow in the air. SNOW! What?!?? *sigh* If my (3 year old) seeds were even any sort of viable I probably just froze their seed hineys off by punting them out of doors today. On the plus side, anything that does germinate will have the fortitude to take over the world. Muahahaha! Go forth my horehound minions, bring me glory!

Oh! I don’t think I ever said what I planted. Well, obviously horehound. That makes my day…horehound. Makes excellent hard candy too, although I’m not entirely sure what the process is and how much you have to have to do so. Anyway, I have anise seeds from two different companies, lemon balm, Queen of Siam Thai basil, mint spears (possibly spearmint I’m guessing), savoy (whatever that is), safflower, chamomile, forget-me-nots, snow in summer, sweet William, and possibly one or two more things that I have forgotten. Don’t know what I’m going to do with them once they have sprouted so being all dead would solve that problem. Of course, not knowing where I’m going to put them will most likely result in a huge bumper crop of “Seeds of the Damned”. Eh, I can always think of it as more minions for me.

EQ playing happened last night. The Frog got a level, The Enchanter is just shy of same level. Not much to say except TheMan has officially declared the current hunting grounds “over worked by us”. He’s getting restless to move on but we can milk the zone for one more level (and his next circle of spells, very important!). Then it’s on to slaying phallic mushrooms, Huzza! One of the weirder things that happened last night, in addition to the disappearing terrain problem of Sunday, was that I lost the skins of every critter in the zone. If it wasn’t wearing a hat, shoulders, arm bracers, leg bracers or carrying some sort of weapon I couldn’t see it. It sure did make for some weird adventuring seeing all these disembodied helmets, shoulders, legs and swords fighting nothing.

Chalk today’s work day up to the long list of days where I find the work tolerable but the people unpleasant. I’ve been pretty much tooling around doing my little projects that I put off that now need doing, or not, and I’m have a nice bit of satisfied going just working on them. Even the routine nibbly stuff is pretty pleasant what with the checklists and the printers and the this and that. What I’m not appreciating is the comments like “Whatever you did to the printer has caused it to start printing wrong.” That sure is a nice way to let someone know that there is a problem. I myself always immediately assume that someone purposely has screwed up MY project and make a pointed note to let them know that I know how incompetent they are for having done so.

Bah! A simple “Something’s wrong with the printer, can you take a look at it?” would have worked and probably wouldn’t have made me cranky to boot. But no. Someone has to carry the blame and in most cases I am that somebody. Joi. Grrrr!

Meh, I’m going to go find some food. See y’all later.

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