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Today seems to be a much better day than yesterday, at least as far as crankitude goes. Whew! I was Ms. Bah Humbug and the drive to pick up TheMan did not help that any. For having a pretty highly rated academic institution loafing about within the city borders, this town has a damned high rate of moronitude. Ah well, that was yesterday, this is today and I feel 127% calmer.

First off, somehow I managed to turn every little bit of text on my computer blue. It’s a happy navy blue so it’s not particularly jarring, but it is also a pervasive blue. My e-mail is blue. My word documents are blue, my buttons are blue, my menus are blue, it’s all blue. Have you seen my computer? It’s blue. What I was trying to do (which I also managed to do as well, somehow) was change the background color on the icon labels on the desk top. I was having a camouflage problem with my current wallpaper so I embarked on a quest to up and make the icons more visible. You might think there would be something that said “icon labels” or whathaveyou but no! I’m not sure what the heck half the labels mean (“Palate Title”? No idea, I don’t think it does anything. My Palate Title is nerfed!) so I decided to began futzing around to see what there was to see. Ten minutes later, everything was blue. It’s a nice blue, I think I’ll keep it but it sure is strange to be writing in navy.

I get to do something different today, I get to proctor a full exam. Whooo! I’m a tad nervous (but my writing is BLUE!) and I’ve gone over all the instructions and whatnot but man. A whole exam. Last time I was doing the relief stint the power went out on a lap top exam and I was only the back up body. Who knows what will happen when I am the real McCoy? I suppose I must have handled myself with such aplomb that they graduated me to actual proctor this year…or maybe they just need bodies and I got the short straw. The glowy happy light (which also may be BLUE!) to this whole deal is that I’m monitoring a written exam alternate for people who can not take the lap top final. I’m hoping everyone has a computer and no one wants to scribe the thing the old fashion way.

Oi, my poor seeds! The update for the can at work is: DIRT! This is disturbingly familiar to last years tea experiment. I did water them though, and I think I am going to move the can to the “window” in my office when I leave so they can at least get a bit of light in the early evening hours. Currently they are tucked at the back of my cube in order to be right under the desk light, which when turned off plunges the area into a respectable gloom and darkness.

The “Seeds of the Damned” got themselves blown somewhat about yesterday. Fortunately, the tray was too heavy to go sailing but the top with the clay pot anchor blew right off. It seems that some tree seeds took the opportunity to blow right in so things might get interesting. I may yet grow something in there. I put them out again today and it’s nicely chilly again today. Coincidence?

I have a new chores proto-system in the works. It goes like this: Each day I assign myself a couple simple cleaning tasks to do and then I do them. For instance, yesterday’s list consisted of putting in a load of laundry, putting away the dry dishes and doing the dishes in the sink. No matter that there is quite the counterfull of Horde waiting to be conquered, my goal was just the dishes in the sink. Tonight’s tasks are to put away the two laundry baskets of clean clothes and round up the pop cans. Simple stuff (and I may even do some more dishes, but I don’t have to!) that hopefully will keep progressing until the house is clean again. It also feels pretty good to have accomplished something, even if it’s only one small chorelet.

Right then, that’s about all I have to say and about all the time I have to say it in. I’m going to putter around in NeoPets and then go do the proctoring thing. Ulp!

Last Year at the booniverse: Looks like today’s proctoring is a laptop exam. I would so fail on of those. I type about 30 words a minute.

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