Yes, it’s true! With great glee I report that late in the day yesterday there was a single green sprout in the watering can. Whooo! This morning it has been joined by a second sprout. I’ve been checking off and on all day, but so far only the two.

They grow fast too. My Seeds of the Damned haven’t yet shown signs of anything (besides almost getting blown off the porch) but they were planted a couple days later than the can. Perhaps by this weekend I’ll see little shoots of green in my seed trays. That would rock! Except then I’d have to figure out where I’m going to put them when they get bigger.

So today I thought I’d talk gardening. I’ve got some thoughts but no clear ones which is why the bulbs never got planted last fall. They are sprouting so they will have to go in (or rot) really soon so I’ve developed some gardening ideas. The Q house is one of those square two story with two dormer type houses and a driveway off to one side. We have a cute little walkway leading up to the porch (3 x 5), which is smack dab in the center of the front face. We have about 15 feet of lawn before the sidewalk so I’d say one parcel of grass is 15 x 12ish and the other one is about the same save it butts up to the neighbor’s bit of lawn so it looks a lot bigger.

What do I do with this space? Currently there are two boring garden blah blah thing-it-things that are sort just out as far as the porch and run along the front of the house. BOOOOOORING. It also has some pretty fantastically ugly bushes that have got to go. Away with you! I’m more partial to things that are not square and regular and these bushes scream uniform cookie cutter plants of green. The beds are also this sort of hodge podge of “what were they thinking when they put THOSE in” so I am more than tempted to rip everything out and start fresh.

So then…what? Hmmm. Currently I am pretty sure I’m going to dig up border gardens along either side of the walk way and plant the bulbs in there. If only to keep the damned mail man from trudging across the lawn. Originally I though I might find the pickyiest, pokiest, densest rose bramble available to plant in his path but I didn’t get around to it. I never really could see 300 bulbs and a picky pokey rose bramble as being what I wanted and besides, I don’t have a bramble where as I DO have 300 sprouting bulbs.

My new plan, that I like much better, is to plant all the bulbs in a snakey sign wave pattern down the gardens. Then, I’ll plant things and stuff in the curves. Don’t ask me what things and stuff, I just thought of the idea this past Sunday so I haven’t had time to mull over “things and stuff” yet. Hey, I suppose I could combine my two ideas of wanting an herb garden and my snaky bulbs of things and stuff and make a snaky bulb herb garden. Hmmm!

All this will be somewhat of a moot point if the Seeds of the Damned do not sprout but hey! I can always go to the store and get more seeds! Spring rocks! I love you sprouts!

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2 Responses to “Sprouts!”

  1. dot Says:

    Ouch, I worked hard on those front beds, and they looked pretty good when I finished. I just was a lazy butt when it came to weeding. Good news for you is that the soil there is primo.

  2. boo Says:

    HUH! Well the past two years there have been random flowers and bulbs popping up in the strangest configurations. It’s been looking quite mangy; which I assume you didn’t plant that way. Mayhap there have been some bulb deaths or bulb-nappings because…mange!

    Plus, the bushes are FuuuuUGLY and they just have to go (save the boxelder or boxberry or whatever those neat ones are…but still those guys aren’t in a very good place either). I really don’t like the cookie cutter bushes thing anyway, I’m much more free form.

    Keen on the soil news. BoooYAW. (now I’m paranoid about terrorist squirrels)