Conbust ’09: Smithees @ Smith

Happy 18th, Smithee Awards

We (badmovie, LunarGeography, TheMan and I) were flown out to Hartford, Connecticut today and shuttled on over to Northampton, Massachusetts for our third ever Conbust Smithee Awards presentation. I’d love to say that this is going to be a picto-blog full of Smithee-licious goodness but it sadly is not. I’m still heavily medicated and carrying the plague that won’t quit so most of my picture taking went sort of like this:

Uhhhhh…I should take some pictures. I should. Totally. I mean the camera’s right over there. Well actually way over there. Like three whole steps of over there and I’m over here. Maybe I’ll swing by and grab the camera when I collect the ballots. Yeah, I should do that.
[ballot collecting ensues]
Oh. I was going to take some pictures. Hmmmm. Next time I collect ballots I’ll totally nab the camera. Yeah. That’s my plan.

So I got a couple shots of the audience, one of TheMan looking like he’s going to rip someone’s head off and none of the food. This cold sucks.

The show, on the other hand, does not. The first half got off to a rough start but we hypothesized that was because we didn’t have any panels or blank gab time beforehand. The audience wanted to socialize and we wanted to put on a show while not being rude to our audience. That never is a good mix, however things smoothed out in the second half and we had a fab show overall. We even finished on time, which was surprising since it’s a long show this year. Our peak attendance was something like 35 I think. Possibly 32. I’ll have to ask again.

I think one of the reasons Conbust invites us to present is that we shuttle the leftover snacks to the consuite and double their snack tableage there. Mind you, it’s Smithee snacks so we’re only adding bulk and not substance. Still, it seems that college kids and con goers will eat just about anything and all manner of foodage was disappeared from that table. The peanut butter Whoppers and one pack of candy cane kisses did not make the table though. Mmmm, peanut butter Whoppers.

Afterwards, the lot of us and a couple of the con guests who were also staying in our hotel went to a 24 hour diner for foodz. It was very dinerish and very 24 hourish but also blue lawish and wouldn’t sell us beer. Poor TheMan got him no booz after the show. This is a sadness. We crawled back at 2am tired, happy and full.

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