April Fool Boo Post

“People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to”
– Malcolm Muggeridge

Once again it’s time for the April Fool’s post in which I give you 10 things and you try to decide which are truths and which aren’t. I have to say though, this year I ran out of neat themes so the best I could come up with was either plants or food. Yeah, I know. What can I say but my head is still kinda squidgy from the plague that will not go away and this is making my thinking rather primary schoolish. At least I’m not going with plants as food so count your blessings.

1. I used my vacation time wisely and now have my seeds planted in little peat pots in preparation for May planting.

2. I am considering cutting out a blueberry patch in the back yard.

3. I had a Philodendron that was 20+ years old.

4. I have at least 15 houseplants here and there at home.

5. Five of those I brought into work where they decorate my desk.

6. I own seven stock pots.

7. I do not own a flan pan.

8. I love baking bread in the bread bot.

9. I have made baklava.

10. While I prefer to drink diet Coke, a rum and Coke really needs to be made from the straight up Coke.

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