72 Hour Lazybutts

Hello, hello, hello and greetings from May…which seems very much like February at the moment. Well, except in my office where it is approaching August. Guess who dressed for February? *PantPant* I really hate this part of Michigan spring. Speaking of spring, my can o’ sprouts is looking a bit bedraggled. There are still only two sprouts and one of them is a tetch waify. I did forget to put them by the “window” over the weekend so maybe that wasn’t such a grand thing. At least they were warm. Whew!

As you Snack Food Junkies can obviously see, I did not get to updating the review this weekend. I’m having an attack of hypocrisy; yelling at sites that are “too busy” (lawdy, lawdy, I do declare I haven’t a stitch of time to update this week either) to put up even one paltry entry (entirely for my reading pleasure, of course. We are all boocentric around here) while I sit on my duff all weekend and fail to update the JSFR. I don’t even have a good excuse either because there was plenty of time to write something up and I have a couple pics in draft form hanging on the server here. That’s why I subscribe to the Church of Postdating! Check back some time this week for a spontaneously appearing weekend Snack Food Review.

Speaking of the Review, I was tooling about the server logs and noticed someone was grabbing bits from the site. I followed one link to a chick who nicked my Pizza Pretz pic and didn’t bother to link back or even mention where they STOLE the pic from (I’m looking at you, you picture thief! You know who you are). Hey, I don’t mind if y’all take the pics, but say where they came from or give me a link eh? Someone else also grabbed the Pizza Pretz pic (and linked, much obliged. You shall not be culled in the new world order) and commented that they had the same model powerbook and also liked Pizza Pretz. Coincidence? Hmmm!

TheMan furthered the sniffing for stolen goods and found some chick with a passworded LJ account (that featured an adult themed splash screen) had grabbed one of our pics (I can’t remember which one), another person was all about the huge number of birds in the pic he took by his house (which better be at the hospital because that’s where TheMan snapped that particular pic) and someone else grabbed TheMan’s stormy cloud pic and used it for their background image on their website. The last two are really amusing since the birds photo clearly says “Image by TheMan” in the corner and the tiled background says “Image by TheMan, Image by TheMan, Image by TheMan…”

Also in line with the Review, I found a couple more Snack Food goodies (yeah, I know, I have like a zillion of them lined up waiting for review already) at Busch’s last night. You might think that having a backlog of about seven or eight snack foods (and the fact that I said NO MORE SNACK FOODS until I wade through this backlog) might have deterred me, but once I saw the name on the package they had to be bought. I now own two flavors of “Hello Panda” crackers. See? How can you pass that sort of thing up?

Alright, enough of that, lets get some recapping done! Friday (you might have noticed I did not post Friday. A boo’s gotta have some time off here and there. Plus, there was no Friday Five and I was feeling so very much uncreative I said “forget it” (or words to that effect) and took the day off. HA! Wait, I’ve lost track of my parentheticals here…OK) was interview day from hell, complicated by “where the hell is the lady who is supposed to train us on the copier” and wrapped up with beer, beers and lots more beers after work. TheMan’s whole office headed off to the local pub after work, where I met them well into their second pitcher. They had been having an extremely busy two weeks so they decided to blow off some stress. Hopefully, the last of the crazy was Friday morning and this week is smooth sailing.

Saturday, errr…was that the day I read until 4 in the morning? It’s all a big blur. I believe Friday night, TheMan started reading “Feet of Clay” to me (hee! Yes, he reads to me. I actually made him read the last Harry Potter book to me because while his idea of “I can read it first because I read really fast and then you can read it” might in some far off backwards societies make some sort of sense, I was having none of it. What am *I* supposed to do while he reads it? Plus, he was very much NOT about MY idea of “How about *I* read the book first and you can read it after ME?” I thought was perfectly legit but something about my reading ahead of him and potentially spoiling the book came up in conversation so I told him the only way to figure this out was to read it together, out loud. Besides, he really enjoys reading out loud and I enjoy listening. My goodness this is quite the side track, no?) and about 1ish he went to bed. We weren’t finished, so I up and read the rest of it. OW MY HEAD!

Of course, Sunday we were lazy butts and did not get out of bed until 4 or 5 pm, which was enough time to read the next book in the series (Jingo). Head hurty much so today.

Kevin’s game was cancelled so there was none of that but TheMan was feeling ill so there was none of anything else either. I think the pizza we baked up did not agree with him (he had some for breakfast earlier) although I was feeling just peachy. Come to think of it, Sunday wasn’t a really good food day at all. We went out for a late dinner with Rob and Joanna and it was a bit of a disappointment, especially since I kind of like Macaroni Grill (they let you draw on the tables!). Our first pre dinner bread was very bland, The salads were very under dressed, TheMan’s dinner was cold, Joanna’s dinner was cold, my dinner tasted too fishy (but it was warmish) so I only ate about a third of it and Rob’s food was warm, but not overly hot (I think he got the winning dish). Meh. Later that evening, Joanna got sick, then TheMan got all rumbly (after we got home) and I was burble guts for a bit sometime around 3am. Bleh! I’m just glad I didn’t eat the whole dinner!

Yup, that’s the whole weekend right there. Whew, lazy, lazy us.

Last Year at the booniverse: Day 8 I think. I looked at the tea fellas and I can now start to measure the mold in inches.

2 Responses to “72 Hour Lazybutts”

  1. DaddyMan Says:

    Oh, dear. The Traveller game didn’t even rate a mention. I’ll have to have something outrageous happen in it….

  2. boo Says:

    Oh nah. Sometimes I mention what happens in the games if I think it’s wicked cool or if it amuses me, sometimes I don’t mention the games at all. It depends on what my mind latches onto (and how much I want to endure my mumses saying to me “All you write about is boring gaming stuff blah blah not her thing cakes” (yeah, you DO do that mumses)) whether I mention it in the recaps. It was a pretty cool game though from the perspective of getting out new powers and whatnot.