My Spoon is too Big

GARRRGH! This cold has overstayed its welcome by about two weeks! I’m also kinda put out that someone at a meeting I attended this week (in a small, stuffy, poorly vented conference room) thought that they had a bit of time beforehand to nip out and suck down a cancer stick. So they did. And then I found out that this cold is making me ultra sensitive to smells and I could smell the smoke residue on this person like they were sitting in my sinuses and they were two people down from me. By the end of the meeting my head, which had been relatively clear, was packed to the gills with snot. Oh and the sneezing! And then later the coughing! Damned ass smoking fucker put me back a week in cold recovery.

Maybe I’ll take a “poison ivy” break before the next meeting with this person and see how THEY like being miserabled.

Right then, a weekend report should be in order. I coughed. And sneezed. And snotted. In between it was a pretty decent weekend though. What did we do Friday night? Ahhh, ever the question. I’m going to say Warcraft. It’s probably true. Or maybe I went home and crashed. I’ve been doing a lot of that this past week. Bah!

Saturday was Warcraft again and we did things and stuff. I did a lot of boogering around doing stoopid stuff that was kinda fun. I think I did some starting level elfy quests to try and finish off the “You’ve Done a Bunch of Quests Here!” achievement. I also worked on the last key I need for the key achievement thing but it was long and involved and I got bored.

Saturday night TheMan and I went over to DQ’s place for chili and movies. We saw the sort of conglomerated shorts of Don Hertzfeldt called Rejected which was disturbing yet incredibly funny. Then we put in Death Race which was an awesomely stupid film of wikid car crashes. And Jason Stathem. Mmmm! Yeah, it’s not a very thinky film but boy is it fun to watch. And they blow up a lot of cars.

Saturday evening I think I blew my cold meds or they all ganged up on me and I could not get to sleep. At all. well, OK I did nod off at 4:30am only to wake up at 6, then I fell back asleep until a little before 8. In the interim, I read the rest of Blue Mars. I’M DONE!!!! I am so looking forward to some mind candy bookage. I wonder if Death Race has a novelization…

Sunday I was supposed to start plant things but the temperature dropped a bajillionty degrees and it snowed. BAH! So I blew off doing seedling things which I didn’t have to but I was sick and it was snowing. I also might have stomped around for a bit like a two year old. We did go shopping and picked up some Sprite, lime sherbet and orange sherbet for “scientific” purposes. I wanted sherbet for my throat (post nasal drip sucks) and TheMan hinted that lime sherbet and Sprite is the BOMB of a drink. I prefer the orange sherbet so I got both. Lime is the clear drink winner but Orange is best as a solo vehicle. Just so you know.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    My anus is bleeding!!!!!!

    Jeff and I love Don H…we saw him at the Michigan Theater during the film festival. He’s like 2 years younger than I am and about 500000000 times more talented!!

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