Sink Hole of Mayo

Heh. I think today is going to be a random blogging day so say hello to your little friend [cue reverb f/x]


First off, there is a sink hole in the LS parking lot. Yup. It’s pretty interesting in a “We no longer have two parking spaces in the upper lot because you are going to lose part of a car pulling into or backing out of the spots” sort of way. It started out as a small foot/foot and a half opening, which isn’t too bad as far as rough spots in the lot. It’s the foot and a half drop to the bottom of the pit that’s the kicker. The hole has had a few days to get used to the parking lot and I think it likes it since it has crested two feet in width and it appears to be enthusiastic about this new expansion. I am weirdly fascinated by it and take a peek at the bottom depths every time I pass by it. Yeah, I know…FREAK!

But I’ve never seen a sink hole!

I’m also never going to see any sprouts either. The can o’ doom at the office is down to about one and a quarter sprouts. The second sprout is shrively at the top and it looks like it will bite it within the next few days. The first sprout isn’t as happy as it started out so I’m thinking that one too may die off. On the other hand, three days was an awfully quick germination time…maybe these were scouts sent to test out the conditions of the can. If they report back unfavorably, will my seeds pack up the colonization project and go somewhere else?

The Seeds of the Damned are wet. Nothing is happening over there in any of the little container deelies other than the soil is damp. I check on them every so often and every so often there is absolutely no change. I have been keeping them inside in the warm and will be doing so until I see sprouts (or I decide the project is a complete failure). Depressing growing news all around. *sigh*

We played some EQ last night and I am happy to report that I can see about 75% of the zone now. Unhappily, I have lost my ability to see monsters through the terrain and weirdly there are some patches of ground “skin” randomly scattered in the otherwise blank parts of the zone. It’s sort of like Arizona and lawns.

We logged on at about 7 last night and were the only two people in the whole zone. ROXXOR! We owned the zone for about an hour and a half too, and then the max amount of people ever in the zone was 5 (very briefly, I think number five was passing through). It was great hunting and both characters are now 33 with the Frog just about an hour away from 34 (a shy BBL, for those of you in the know). Sahweeet.

We were a bit perplexed (but certainly not about to look the horse in the chompers) until we logged out and noticed in the patch messages that there were these new “Hot Zone” things. Evidently every now and then “they” decide that “blahblah” zones are worth a bonus amount of EXP and since our current zone was not on the list, we surmised everyone had flocked to the one that were. No prob here, we played like mad things and had a blast.

Oh you JSFR junkies…I have been burning the candle at both ends for you people. Monday I finished up the Cool World review, Monday/Tuesday I had a Ogontoh taste testing fest and last night TheMan and I cracked into the packet of five assorted candy things and got all the appropriate pics taken (plus the tasting. Of the candy, not the pictures). I have notes on all the candy things, I’m collecting data for the Ogontoh and tonight we crack open Hello Panda: Chocolate and Strawberry. Of course you all will have to deal with installments of JSFRs over the coming weeks but they should be pretty regular in the posting. That is assuming I get some of the six pending written down in final form before I have too many snack foods on my plate and I forget what everything tasted like.

Last Year at the booniverse: Man, cold ASS coffee is the hardest thing to slug down and the only reason I’m drinking it at all is because I’m thirsty and too lazy to get up and get me some hot water for tea.

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  1. dirge Says:

    DING! *Chuckles* Power that enchanter up to 34, and it’s Dawnshroud Peaks time! Sorry Tanner and Saph haven’t been around much… we’re still suffering from the plague I got in Montana ;p