Meh And The Day of Bleh

Just a quick post today to say I posted. Hey, guess what…I posted! Hee.

I had one of those days at work where nothing I did was right in the eyes of my boss. That and a misunderstanding which lead to the nixing of a weeding project of mine while causing perhaps double or triple the work I originally put into the project, made for a ugly, ugly day. My project has been kicking around for a year waiting for THEM who decide to give it the go ahead. Well, THEM decided they didn’t like the way the project was structured so they told me that NO I could not sally forth with this project AND that I had to rework the way everything in the project was organized. Plus, the new way THEM wants me to organize said project now means I can’t get rid of my stuff in one fell swoop (which I was hoping to do this week), but rather it’s probably going to take five or six years to get rid of it now. Job security I suppose.

I did get to meet with another department to discuss the things I will be doing for them (I’m being farmed out). They are a really cool bunch of people, and easy to get along with to boot Hey, they actually talk to me! You know, something other than “Whatever YOU did to the printer has caused it to malfunction.”

And a good morning to you too.

Ooo Ooo Ooo! News from the Seeds of the Damned! Well, first I give you the news about my can o’ seeds, which is both sprouts shriveled and died. It kinda fits the motif of today. ANYWAY! I looked at the Seeds of the Damned this morning and LO! Sprouts! I got me three cilantros growing (much to the joy of TheMan. He does not so much like the cilantro), one lemon balm, one chamomile, two safflowers, and one lupin. I am bummed that the horehound hasn’t yet sprouted and neither has either anise seed. DQ has a recipe for horehound candy too. COME ON MY HOREHOUND MINIONS! GROW!!!

I also cut the lawn today when we got home. Well, not all of the lawn but the front, near back and a quarter of the back lawn. I tend to cut the lawn in weird patches (quartering the back yard…mostly because I get bored with mowing rows in all one direction) and today it was weird patches with mange! Arrrr! The mange mower! Hey, at least 90% of the mowed lawn is short. Thems pretty good percentages. I did notice whilst hacking through the jungle like growth of green, that the neighbor’s ground cover of…forget me nots? Something blueish and small and voracious anyway, has ninja’d into our yard and is taking over. We have about a three foot by four foot area that is infested with forget me nots. I don’t mind so much, but I think the resident violet gang might take offense when they discover the forget me nots on their turf. It’s all good in my book; overgrown flowers of any type are better than tall grass gone to seed. May the best ground cover win!

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