The Recap Thing

Yes, you were waiting for it…the Monday recap entry (of DOOM…Doom…doom)

Oh say, guess what is no more…what’s that? The Friday Five? Nooooo! I can’t believe it. Say it aint so, Joe. Now I’m going to have to come up with something to think of all on my lonesome. Man, just when I thought I had it good!

I have no idea what we did on Friday. NEXT!

No wait! That’s right, we hung with Dirge and Shar and the munchkins and had the most OBNOXIOUS waiter EV-er. He was one of those dudes who is weirdly amusing until about 5 or 10 minutes into the shtick, at which point you want to smack his head until his eyeballs come flying out. After a whole meal, I was ready to go hunt down his eyeballs and stomp on them multiple times. He was like four people on crack stuffed into one body and he would Not. Shut. Up. Enthusiasm doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of his waitering style. Oi!

Saturday we had the fake Mr. Paul birthday gig because we were all going to surprise him on Sunday (his real birthday) so I concocted the perfect smokescreen. I said TheMan and I were busy Sunday so hey! Let’s do something on Saturday! I figured he wouldn’t suspect anything if we came over already (giggle) and it worked! We held a mini Smithees and cooked dinner for mumses and Mr. Paul (and as it turned out, Sis) and had a grand old time. I baked a custard tort which was, as usual, runny but very tasty.

Sunday was the real deal so we tooled around, got some balloons and a calla lily (for the pond) and wandered over to The Real Seafood Co. They are having Halibut month and Mr. Paul does love him some halibut. Sis and husband showed up after we did and then wala! SURPRISE! Mumses and Mr. Paul walked in. Hee! We had a great dinner (Mmmm, garlic something encrusted halibut. I love you, halibut!) some good wine and Brandy Chocolate mousse. You gotta get the Brandy Chocolate mousse. Mmmmm.

Afterwards, TheMan and I settled down for some reading (on his part) and listening (on my part). Heh. TheMan read over 200 pages Sunday (and we got to bed way too late) and you want to hear vastly unfair??? Guess whose throat got all scratchy? Pfffft! It’s not any better today which leads me to believe that I have come down with some sort of evil sore throat bug and this does not please me. Hrrrmph!

Last Year at the booniverse: Nothing to see, move along.

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