A Fortnight of Cat

Today the Little Kitty turned 14. 14!! So I ran her through the traditional 14 cat year zombie invasion gauntlet. Ready? FIGHT!

The invasion begins. Two zombies enter…

The Little Kitty starts to gear up her mighty cat-fu techniques but does not seem to mind some friendly help from Isaak.

Left paw quick death strike. Zombie down!

You never know when all those hours of practicing Tiger noms zombie head will come in handy. Practice, practice, practice young grasshoppers.

Zombie two defeated.

“You must practice dilligently, Isaak, if you hope to defeat the zombie horde.”

If you study the ways of your enemy you will be prepared for anything they might do, including an airborne attack.


And remember…clean up is essential in preventing a reoccurrence of zombies. A clean cat is a prepared cat.

2008: I was going to do a day in the life of the Little Kitty but it would be a series of pictures of her sleeping on the back of the chair.

2007: Oi! I almost forgot! It was somebody’s birthday today.

2006: (All I wanted to do on my birthday was sit in the chair but I can’t even do that because of these stupid Smithee giveaways)

2005: But first, guess who is 10 years old today!!!

2004: I love to chase things (noisily) across the floor to somewhere I can’t get to them.

2003: Too young for an entry I suspect.

2 Responses to “A Fortnight of Cat”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    You are a good catmom.

  2. Boo Says:

    She defeated 7 zombies and didn’t break a sweat. I think half your age in zombies is a good measure of wellness of cat. She also got many scritchies for defeating zombies. Plus, she gnawed on a couple.

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