Cranky me and la grande cucaracha!

A bizarre dream for y’all. Don’t ask, but I think Charlie is my new best insect friend.

I have hit a low twitchy funk today. I am cranky as all get out and for no real reason. Fortunately, I can blame PMS! and just get on with things. Hee!

My knuckles are still red and raw (but not wriggly, which is a good thing) from Saturday and Monday and because I am always fiddling with them wondering when they will ever heal. Yup, they aint ever going to unless I stop poking at them. “But Doc, it hurts when I do this!” I hate waiting for things to heal. Bothers me that they just don’t clam up and be done with being boo-boos already. Besides which I keep squishing the skin around the scabs wondering if it’s going to ooze and if it does, I then wonder if that is an infection ooze, a build up of boo-boo fluid ooze or a STOP POKING AT ME ooze.

I did move the arms on my chair at work. My elbows were getting bruised enough so that it was uncomfortable putting the bony part down on anything, which is what you do when you put your elbows down on anything so that was getting old fast. I figured that I had the arms too low and I was resting my wrists on the desk and my elbows on the chair arms, on their points. The elbows that is, I don’t work in that sadistic a place. So, now more of my arm is on the arm rest and hopefully my poor bruised elbows will be happier.

So my strange dream this morning/last night. It started with me and the sis leaving some nice sit down restaurant place. I think we were waiting for TheMan to show up so we left to wait outside where there were these box gardens all over everywhere. They had large copper frog garden things in them (maybe about a foot high) and around each frog there were a bunch of hoppy live frogs doing their hopping best to…well hop. We remarked that there seemed to be frogs everywhere. Sure enough, I remember there being a frog or two in the restaurant, in fact there could have been a frog sitting with us at the table but of course I did not remember this until we were outside.

TheMan arrived and the sis disappeared. Who knows where, maybe she was needed in a different dream. So TheMan also remarked on how many frogs there were because we had counted 4 of them in one corner of one garden and two in another and they were all hopping around doing frog things. Except one, which looked really familiar; I think he was the frog sitting at our table.

TheMan and I drove the bug to a hotel room or a rented room or something along those lines that we had lived in before for a short while. The frog from the restaurant had also come along for the ride and I began to wonder why this particular frog kept showing up. I decided that he must have hitched a ride in the hem of my skirt and sure enough, when I looked down, there he was hopping off the back of my skirt into the foot well of the car. He was a big frog too, about 3 or 4 inches. You would think I would remember carrying a frog that large around on my skirt.

I guess that did not much matter because at this point we were nearing the room and we were talking to Charlie. Charlie was a four foot cockroach who was sitting in the back of the car. I guess we were talking about all the frogs that were around but he did not seem as surprised as we did. Don’t remember why, maybe it was because Charlie was more in tune with crawly hoppy things. So we got out of the car and went to see the room.

I remember walking up to the place which had no front wall (because, of course, ALL dream living spaces don’t have front walls) so we could see in. There was a queen sized bed (which sorta started as if we were standing two thirds of the way in the room already but we were definitely outside at that point) and this geeky grad student guy was sitting facing away from us in a plain high backed chair. He had an empty large pizza box sitting on the bed, was wearing grungy dirty clothes and was watching TV rather than working on his grad stuff, although he did have a lap top.

At this point in time I think we all decided that the place was a pit, even though the bed had a cover and was made up (in typical hotel paisley bed spread) and the only thing out of place and remotely untidy was the pizza box and that was probably dinner. Somehow it just felt like the grad student had let it go and it was in utter squalor. TheMan, Charlie and I were all amazed at how dirty it was and of course, right on cue, we saw a couple little cockroaches (actually big, about 1 – 2 inches, but when you are hanging with a 4 foot cockroach size perspective can be a funny thing) skittering around. Charlie remarked that it must be pretty nasty in there to see cockroaches running around in broad daylight with a human so close. We didn’t argue, he was after all the authoritive voice on cockroaches.

We decided to play a prank/wake up call on the grad student so we waited until he had left to go into the kitchen (which was “off camera”. I couldn’t see where the guy went to when he got out of the chair to go, but he disappeared to the right and I knew he must be in the kitchen) and thought we ought to leave Charlie lying around by the closet door. If the grad student couldn’t see the tiny cockroaches, we thought he might get a clue when he saw a giant 4 foot cockroach lying around. Except by this point Charlie was somehow between 5 or six feet tall. I know this because he was walking upright and was not quite as tall as I am but pretty close.

Unfortunately, Charlie was too tall to play the joke on the grad student (why? No clue. Maybe there are practical joke rules that 6 foot upright walking talking cockroaches have to follow or something) and TheMan and I had to go somewhere else. We left Charlie to find something to do to harass the grad student and we left. I do remember feeling really bad about ditching Charlie and I talked to him at great length about us dissing him and all. He told me it was OK and that he was fine with staying behind. So we left.

In the car, I remember thinking that it should have been a really creepy thing to be talking to a gigantic cockroach so I mentioned this to TheMan. Neither of us thought at any point in time that there was something fundamentally wrong about the fact that we had just had a pretty good time with a bug on a peer level (no mention of the fact that he was 6 feet tall OR that he talked however) and we both agreed that Charlie was an incredibly nice and smart as well as an all around cool bug to hang with.

Then I woke up. I know where some of the elements come from, probably the name Charlie from a journal entry I read yesterday entitled “Travels without Charlie” and the fact that my cousin’s g’ma in Florida calls palmetto bugs Charlies. Why cockroaches? Could be that I am discouraged that it seems like the house work is always overwhelming and that I feel the place is getting dirtier and dirtier. The frogs come from a story Paul the Other told about a frog’s trip into town. I guess the frog goes to a fancy restaurant and jumps in a wine glass and is almost drunk. The grad student comes from the game in which some mention of someone being a grad student floated around so all the elements are there. Just what a bizarre knitting together of all these things that was.

I do like Charlie tho, he was the coolest cockroach I have ever dreamed about.

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