Thursday Prattling

Good News! (Every time you do your dishes) Yesterday while I was reading and not sleeping like I had intended, I reached over for a Kleenex and found a little beetley bug on it like the little monster I schnazed on the day before. I also found another beetley bug on the night stand and on top of some receipts (on the night stand) so I came to the conclusion that I did NOT snot out an African Brain Eating Bug the other day, but in fact snotted ON the poor bugger. Ew.

On the other hand, I found a third (fourth?) beetley bug on the floor and a fifth and sixth under my pants and two more in my blanket zipper bag. We also found them upstairs too so it looks like we have an infestation of little beetley bugs, which is better than snorting one out of your head but not by much. Of course I’m super paranoid about cockroaches, having lived in a place that got infested once, so I spent a good deal of time giving these beetley bugs the hairy eyeball. I don’t *think* they are itty bitty cucarachas because they seem too round in the bug casing but it’s kinda creepy none the less.

Take a look at this:

Union Wages and Hours: Building Trades July 1, 1973
Annual Earnings and Employment Patterns of Private Nonagricultural Employees, 1970
Industry Wage Survey: Men’s and Boys’ Suits and Coats, April 1973

This is what I have been doing all week, typing in these scintillating titles into a list of books we would really like to get rid of…again. Insomniacs everywhere envy me my job this week because it really doesn’t get any better than the above mentioned titles. I am currently redoing a project (listing all the government documents books we want to withdraw from the collection) because the librarian here thought the librarian there said we could list said books by overarching title (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Bulletins, incase you were curious). What the librarian there actually said was that we had best list them by individual bulletin title or she’s gonna go medieval on our asses. We didn’t, she did, I’m stuck going through each and every volume now (17 shelves worth, thankyouverymuch) and redoing the whole damned list. GAH!

The project gets uglier than that, however, since some of the titles are listed by bulletin number while others are listed by some freaky assed wacko title number. Since we bound a bunch of titles together by sequential bulletin number, and the other library wants them by title, one of our volumes could conceivably be spread out all over the list. Makes for a hell of a time trying to find what you want. There is also no rhyme or reason to when something is tagged by bulletin number or space aged title number either so you can’t count on all the “Union Wage and Hours; Blah de blah job” to be consistent. That’s the government for ya.

And who is doing these studies anyway?

I’m super, thanks for asking! Well, no that’s not true. I still have the head cold of doom and yesterday I tried really hard to evict my lungs but I at least got some sleep. That I am all sorts of happy about. In the scale of sleeps, last night rated pretty lousy but at least I actually got to sleep for three or so hours in a row. The whole doze off just until your nose wakes you up crap for the entire night makes any sort of bad sleep look like a slice of heaven. It’s all in the perspective.

I’m on different meds today since I forgot to take my Claritin last night. Claritin is my 24 hour antihistamine I take fairly regularly for asthma, which seems to work until I get a cold. Then I need to find something with just a decongestant since I already have the antihistamine thing going with the Claritin, and then something else for the achy cold aches since you can never find a plain decongestant with pain reliever too. It’s medication by piecemeal! Today’s pharmacology is made much simpler by my Claritin omission: Robotussen for the cough (I kinda prefer my lungs on the inside) and Tylanol Allergy and Sinus for the…sinuses and allergies I guess. It’s a much simpler mix. I may even switch it up and try some Alkeseltzer when the Tylanol wears off. Whooo!

I’m really ready to be done with this cold, damnit!

Hey! Guess what? This is my 400th entry! Whoot.

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