The Elusive Tuesday Post

BAH! I give up. Microsoft can kiss my heiney because I’m not going to spend any more time figuring out what the hell is going on with my short page table. 15 pages of table and page 1 only cuts off about three quarters of the way down. What up that? Could it be a margin problem? Why, No it isn’t. Could it be a hidden page break? Oh gee, it’s not that either. Could it be that I have two separate tables that thought they were one table once long ago? Nope. Stuuuupid Microsoft.

On the other hand, I played stuff-it today and simply by rearranging some margins, cells widths and headers (the font was a tiny as it could go), I gained four more pages of space to put stuff. I am done with one (this year’s portion at least) part of the damned disposal list and I crammed as many books as I could get onto that list. Yessiree Bob, I am the meistress of packing, even digitally. Heh, I’m pretty proud of my squishability genes and hopefully, all these damned books (remember the 17 shelves of them? Yeah, those books) will be GONE in six months. Whooo!

The plague *seems* to be dying off (hee!), I think. I slept well, after a good half hour of lung expulsion, and even the cats slept with me. Awww, they love me again. I forgive them…sorta but they still owe me big. Ha! I spent a relatively cough free night and woke up this morning tired but not as goopy in the lungs. Dare I think that the cold is receding? I sure hope so. I also haven’t been coughing nearly as much all day either so I’m taking that as a good sign.

We again did a whole lot of not much yesterday. It was a pretty nice day, given that it stormed something fierce, but that also meant it was nice and cool and the sky was all sorts of wicked cloudy and whatnot. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy some stormy, you know? We celebrated stormy (and our own laziness) by ordering in Chinese and watching some of season 5 of SG-1. And then? Bed. Yup. Pretty exciting no?

I expect tonight will be more of the same, save the Chinese food. I might play around with the other seeds and seed planters I picked up at Meijer’s Saturday if I’m feeling overly inspired. My first tray of seeds are coming along very nicely for 3 year old seeds. Those that did sprout are all sorts of happy about growing so it looks like I’ll be in basil and cilantro for quite some time. (hee!) I really should get my herb garden started before I have overgrown seed trays. Maybe this weekend if things go well.

OK, that’s all I really have so I’ll stop here rather than blather on. Spaeter!

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