The Wordless, Faceless, Plague Shoes.

Heyde Heidi Ho. Happy Wednesday and all. It’s pretty nice out there today AND they got the AC fixed at work so other than the occasional lung hoarking things is pretty peachy.

Yeah, about that lung hoarking thing, I had lunch with Dirge, who may or may not have been the plague carrier, and he is still coughing after three weeks. I’m just going to go with the assumption that I did not get his cold because I do NOT want to be still hacking a week and a half from now. Aint happening no how.

On the other hand, I think I’m getting an “A” in Typhoid Mary 101 since DQ went home this afternoon with the classic pre-plague symptoms. Well done my germ minions, spread the misery! Muahahaha! I’m not sure if I can also take credit for WorkMatt coming down with the plague as well, since he was hit a mere two days after I was but if it gets me a good grade in the class, I’m staking that claim. Heh! In all actuality, we got it from the same person, which would mean that he either knows Dirge or someone at work had the Evil.

Hey, I have most excellent news, besides the whole getting better from the plague thing (which I am…slowly. Very slowly). TheMan found my AWOL Birks. Whooo! My shiny new Birks have been missing for about two weeks now and I was almost all set to go get a replacement pair when wala! Shoes. He found them on the couch (which they so were NOT on the last two times I looked) last night so I’m wearing them today. It beats the old pair which are starting to seriously fall apart. The cork has cracked enough that I can feel the structural integrity of the shoe (sandal) flex in a most disturbing way with every step. I’m just waiting to walk a heel completely off in those suckers any minute now. Whoooo! New shoes!

We did diddly last night, other than nap (me) and nerf around the computer (guess who) and then eventually go to bed. The plague is still tiring me out pretty thoroughly so early to bed and a nap have been on the schedule for several days. I did hang around trying to decide what I wanted to do for about an hour last night but never did come to a conclusion. It was the whole lack of pants thing that probably put a damper on most plans. Too lazy to go find my pants and put them on, too unwilling to do anything without pants.

Ahhh, the story of my life. Errrrr…


Last but not least, my weird morning experience. I was beebopping to the Union to get breakfast, since TheMan and I can’t seem to get things in gear in the morning to fix breakfast at home (hey, neither of us are morning people!), when I saw this strange fella outside pan handling. Not that pan handling in itself is strange, but from my half a block away perspective, it looked like this guy had something vaguely weirdly not right going on with his face. When I got closer I discovered that he did indeed have something going on with his face, or more accurately, something going off with his face since he HAD NO FACE at all. He had eyes and I think a chin but everything from the glasses ridge of his nose clear down to his lower teeth (and maybe even those) was gone. There was just one giant hole in the middle of his face and this strange metal bridge thing that I think was holding his head together.

What do you do in that situation? I mean, on one hand it’s pretty rude to stare at the guy because he has a giant hole where his face should be (and let’s face it, how many people do you know who have a face sized cavity where their nose, mouth and some sinuses used to be? It was weirdly fascinating) but it’s also rude to not look at him too. He was all in people’s face with his pan handling note (face cancer, he couldn’t speak very well) so it wasn’t like you could really avoid him much and just not deal. I opted for doing the once over curiosity looking at the giant hole glance and then made with the eye contact. I also gave him three bucks because damn! His face. Gone. That’s gotta be tough.

So then…does he have to make extra sure to keep the hole in his face clean? Is his brain hanging out there exposed somewhere in the back of his face hole? How does he eat? Is he homeless? Shouldn’t he be somewhere under medical supervision what with him missing the whole front of his head practically? These disturbing questions have been popping up all day. Weird, weird morning.

Ooo, one last note (and to get off the disturbing no face guy topic), I figured out my MS Word table problem. Sorta. Well, actually I *fixed* my problem, which I’m all sorts of happy about, but I have no idea what went wrong in the first place. I hate Word for that, it’s incredibly hard on many occasions to figure out what the heck it is doing so you can go undo it and get it to do what you want. It turns out that after I shut off every sort of “keep things together” option in the Lines and Page Breaks option (Widow/orphan control, last line hanging or whatever…that sort of thing) the table fixed itself. Don’t know why, don’t know why it did a short page in the first place but it’s fixed and I can go on. Whooo.

For the record, I still hate Word.

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