Chicken Wings and Other Things

Huh? What? It’s Tuesday already? How did THAT happen?

So yeah, I seem to have lost Monday sort of. You want to hear something really depressing and very not right? I thought about updating and doing a recap thing and all yesterday but I was going gonzoes on this stupid redo project and I never stopped to take my break much less write up an entry. How sad is that?

Oh I did stop to take a quick lunch walk with Alessar to test out the lung waters (ahhh…ew. Let’s rewrite that for a different cliché. How about, “testing the lung boundaries” or “pushing the lung envelope” or “stretching my lungs” – scratch that, I just had a very bad mental image of what exactly “stretching my lungs” would entail). In a word, bad. My brisk jaunt out into the world made my lungs very angry yesterday. The whole coughing thing was dying down and then I went and riled them all up by taking in a bit of exercise. Stuuuuupid cold.

We decided to go to the Union to procure some eats and on the way we had to wait at the crosswalk for traffic to do its traffic thing. There was one of those “bigger than a panel van but smaller than a true semi” trucks burbling through the intersection so for lack of something better to look at I glanced at the side to see what all it had to say. Sometimes they have bread things on them, sometimes sea food things, other times furniture things…people haul all sorts of stuff places in those mid sized semi semis. This one seemed to be advertising some sort of BBQ whatsit. I saw sauce and ribs (mmmm, BBQ ribs!) and it looked pretty good. However, something wasn’t quite right about the whole picture because it was certainly the strangest piece of meat I’d ever seen.

The more I looked (and I had to actually look look, because I was all about trying to figure out what the hell cut of rib meat they were advertising) the more things didn’t seem right at all. Was that a hand? Errrr…OK, BBQ winglets? But…ribs (mmmm, tasty tasty ribs). Then I resorted to actually reading the sign (because, you know, if at first the picto-gram doesn’t explain it, them pesky words things sometimes give a clue) to figure out which restaurant or food service company the semi semi belonged to and lo! Even the words confused me. What does mutant cut BBQ chicken winglets (Mmmm, BBQ chicken!) have to do with a three week old fetu…ahhh…OK, that actually is a hand then. And ribs. And ew.

OK, you pro-lifer folks? That was just way tasteless and nasty. I’m not sure what y’all are thinking but your rolling ads are right up there in the top dumb of awareness campaigns. Yes I know, precious life, complacent people, blah blah need to shock them into awareness cakes but that ad? Probably not flocking people over to your cause. My thoughts leaned more towards “Ahhh, hey. I did NOT need to see that. Fucking pro-lifers. Stunts like that push me even further into the pro-choice camp.” rather than the intended “Oh! Look at that! I am overcome with remorse and shall take up arms against abortion post haste (right after I get my chicken wings!…OK, I just added that last part because I’m feeling particularly snarky)” I’m willing to bet some fence sitters just hopped off their perch to join me too. Nasty and misguided, you rabid fuck-nuts. Then again, I’m probably talking bout the same ass wipes who go and blow up abortion clinics. Because, you know, aborting a fetus is MURDER! but blowing up a mom and doctor and perhaps some bystanders? Well, that’s just clean protesting fun! Whooo!

Oh yeah, and rolling THREE of your semi semis around one right after another? Great use of fossil fuel there. Thumbs up on that plan, the trilobite farms are always happy to press some more fuel for the dinner time run.

OK, enough about that rant. We had some spectacular fun this weekend in the form of STORMS! Rain and wind and green skies, oh my. We even lost power for a bit but not long. TheMan and I went over to Mr. Paul’s to hang and have dinner but upon arrival we discovered that the power over there was still out. Mumses house sits on a lightly populated power grid so they were bumped in favor of those grids with more demand. It did not make the slighted few very happy, I’ll bet. We didn’t have too long a powerless visit, though. About two hours after our arrival the lights came back on and we watched Stargate. Love that movie.

After we got home, I went directly to sleep (damned cold) while TheMan stayed up and read. Oh, and when I say “stayed up” I mean I woke up Sunday morning with no man beside me (*sniff* WAHHH!) and when I went upstairs, there he was about done with the book. Bah! Side note to self: Remember to put Bubbles on the Shit list for finding these stupid books and telling us that they were way good. Now TheMan is almost through the third book (I’m not even to the half way point in book two. Grrr! I’m NEVER going to finish this damned book) and he WON’T TELL ME SPOILERS!


What up with 1000+ page books? HATE!

(On the plus side, I’ll at least have something to occupy my time while we zoom up and back from da north eh. Yay 1000+ page books! I mean-HATE!)

Other things of note: The grass got beaten down again on Sunday. The rain has had some weird mutating effect on it or something because DAMN! It grew about an inch a day. Yow! While TheMan mowed, I planted the rest of my herb garden seeds in little seed trays and set them off to germinate. I should have some dill, anise, parsley, sage, thyme and…nope sorry, marjoram. There are also some flowery things in there (viola and luminara and forget me nots) and…errr…oh! Cat nip and other stuff that I can’t remember. I’ll keep you informed as they sprout.

Last but not least…the trip up north! We are leaving early Friday and driving up to see the Qs. Also driving up with us will be the weirdoes. I’m not sure what a grand idea this will be but maybe it will be fun. Or maybe we will have cat stew the first night up there. Who knows! It will be an ADVENTURE!

Last Year at the booniverse: The time between writings when all is at rest.

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