Brought To You By The Letter E

Hello again, welcome to Thursday. I have all sorts of fun stuff that I’m very Excited to talk about so lets quit with the jabbering and on with the talking.

First of all, I have SPROUTS! I believe the Marjoram and Thyme have sprouted and they weren’t timid about it at all. There are about a billion sprouts per embryonic seed holder going on, which sort of makes them look like a small alien plant invasion. Especially since no other seed has yet to pop a green head out of the soil for a look about. They weren’t even supposed to be that far along (they were labeled as 7-10 days for germination. They popped up in 4) but there they are. All 17 billion of them. I think every seed I planted became triplets or something. Oi!

I’ve also finished book two of the “I can not possibly write a book in less than 800 pages” series or more officially “The Song of Fire and Ice” series. MAN are these books a long read. The author (George R. R. Martin) tells the story in chapters from the main characters’ points of view and there are a lot of main characters. There is a big ol’ war going on so you got the good guys and the bad guys and the not so bad guys and the not so good guys and the scorned guys and the dumb guys and the guys you love to hate and the guys you really really want to come to an incredibly evil end and the guys who get all the short deals and some new guys and some dead guys and guys you thought were dead and guys you wished were dead and so on. All in all there are (I think) 11 different points of view and about 24 different plotlines. Still, it’s well written and quite engaging. Even if your significant other won’t give you spoilers from the next book which he has already read. Hrrrmph!

We got 2 packages from Amazon last night…Bubba Hotep! Wheee! And…Bubba Hotep? Seems I preordered it and TheMan preordered it and Amazon didn’t catch when TheMan un-preordered his (since I had mine) so we got both anyway. Hmmm! I guess we need to coordinate our preordering for the future. Still…BUBBA HOTEP! Mayhap we will take it up north and have a movie night.

My last bit of excitement is all about the trek up north (eh!). I just took a peek at the weather and lo! It looks like the temp will be in the 50s and 60s (YAY!) and the sun should be all or mostly out the entire weekend. Whoooot! That seems to me like some mighty fine weather for up there…I might even be persuaded to take a dip in the lake! Might. I can definitely be persuaded to partake in any grillin action that may happen while we are up there. After all, isn’t Memorial Day all about grilling? Or is that 4th of July? Maybe both! Mmmmm, BBQ chicken.

One last last bit: I do believe I might bump the JSFR this weekend in favor for a series of vacation picture blogs. It’s been a while since I posted any pics and I’ve got the shutter bug flu going.

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