Post Dated Post Posted Weekend Report

Yesterday was supposed to be a Monday weekend review filler day except it was Little Kitty’s Birthday so I wrote up a zombie invasion for her. She fared well, took out 7 I think and then had a nap. Battling zombies can be exhausting.

So! Weekend review, post dated and post posted for your enjoyment. What did we do Friday? Why let me tell you! (Check it out, I remember!) TheMan and I had another wine and cheeses of old England night in. We also fired up the movie watcher, which is technically a television except we don’t get any TV stations since breaking up with cable (and no mom, we don’t get anything with the rabbit ears that we can watch unless we’re into static. Which we’re not). Thus, it is our movie watcher. We popped in The Hulk, or The Incredible Hulk or the whatever it is that they are calling it which stars Edward Norton and is not directed by Ang Lee. Chunky title!

The cheeses were very yum but I didn’t have my pen and paper handy so no write up will be happening with them. I also was shopping at Meijers which doesn’t have nearly the frou-frou cheese selection of Whole Foos. I think we also got a couple cheeses we’ve already reviewed so I guess it really was a TheMan and I night, no cheeses for you. The smoked Goulda won the cheese of the night but it was followed very closely by a Kerrygold Cheddar (Lunargeography, who was on the cheeses shopping trip, decided that we should take home a Kerrygold. So we did). We also picked up some Drunken Goat and a Romano or Asiago or other hard tasty cheese.

The Hulk (flavor 2008) was perhaps the coolest Marvel universe movie I’ve seen made yet. It actually referenced other Marvel universe denizens, which is something the others haven’t really done. That made the movie seem more real in the Marvel-verse…very nice touch there. They also lifted the opening sequence practically ver…ahhh…well not batim because it was all visual. Veroptical? Anyway, they movie opening sequence was remarkably reminiscent to the TV show opening sequence. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Hulk on TV but I remember enough to say, “Hey! That’s like the old show!” I’m not sure I liked the CGI Hulk exactly but eh. Whatever. Good movie, I recommends it!

Saturday was somewhat Warcrafty but mostly puppety. I got the Chupacabra puppets all done with a tremendous amount of help from DQ. It took us about 8 hours to make 10 of them (why 10? I have no idea other than we just kept on making puppets). I learned the proper way to hot glue googly eyes and I kept my fingers away from the hot end. Mostly. THE PUPPETS ARE DONE! Check that off my list.

I also made a Taco Bell run for lunch foodz. Mmmmm, almost food FTW. LunarGeography lives on the way to a Taco Bell and every evening I’ve been asking TheMan if we can have dinner there. TheMan is not so much a TB fan so it’s been NO for DAYS! I finally got my fix yo so I can stop pestering him for Taco Bell already. That is until the next time. Muahahaha!

Sunday was Easter and we had no plans. Eh. We did some Warcrafty, I pressed all the remaining buttons, TheMan designed the ninja and Penguicon button and I ordered up a bazillionty button parts for Penguicon and Origins. All the A2 buttons are pressed as of this writing and I am pretty confident that the parts for the rest of the buttons will get here in three weeks. Hopefully. Smithee Tux is too cute to not have button parts arrive to press him up. I also finished off the ballot packing so that’s out of the way. My prep work for the A2 show is getting checked off left and right. What do I have left to do? Hmmmm!

Shopping! Right. Some miscellaneous flyering and buttoning needs to be done as well but that’s all I can think of. Weird! Is that really it? Holy cow, I might be ahead of the game. Gah, I have to think of something else to do before I explode from being too prepared.

2008: Resting from Vande’s birthday and anticipating Tax Day.

2007: JSFR: Meltyblend (strawberry)

2006: It is Smithee season and time for the bi-annual hair cut.

2005: Waiting for button parts and not updating.

2004: “You could fit two coffee cups in them if the coffee cups sucked it in.”

2003: Maybe I should start a “guess the start time of that hourly” lotto or something and at least make money out of the gig.

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