Absent Monday Madness

I did not post the usual Monday bloggery yesterday so I was all set to post date. However, when I went through the “last years”, I noticed an awful lot of no April 20ths. Huh. Then I got to thinking, “Hey, isn’t there one day of the year that I have never posted ever?” Guess what day that is! So I’m not being lazy, I’m keeping tradition!!!!

I wrock the excuses, yo.

For the sake of that one lonely day, let’s do some Tuesday bloggary of Weekend stoffs. Friday night? We did nothing. No cheezu, no wine, no Warcraft, no movies. Perhaps there was some reading but more likely we boogered the night away. I do believe TheMan was off doing some freelance work and left me up to my own devices. There may have been a nap in there, possibly some internets doodling. We live the exciting life.

Saturday was indeed more exciting because I slept in! Granted I slept in until 9:30ish a.m. which is, by no real weekend means, a non-work day sleep in but I had plants to tend to. LunarGeography and I have been trying to get the seeds started forever and today was the day. We planted two plus flats of marigolds, both shorty guys and the heritage ones that grow to about 18 inches. MONSTERS! I also unloaded one packet of random hot pepper mix (100 seed count) in twos so that’s 50 hot pepper plants of uncertain variety. I also may have planted some hot peppers of certain heritage because we do like us some specific peppers and I want to make sure we have them. For funs, I threw in some chili pepper and dragon Thai pepper seeds from last year’s harvest which may or may not germinate. I am unsure if they are even viable with all the hybridizing they do these days and also I am unsure if they are still chilis and Thais because of cross pollination. We shall see.

Speaking of “will it sprout” I managed to get a rose hip from the crazy rose and two or three from the 4th of July climber late last fall. The seeds have been hanging around in baggies so I thought I’d see if I could sprout them. Will they come up? WHO KNOWS! But if they do…free roses! Other things planted were ugly pumpkin seeds from a few years back (viable? Dunno!) and LG had a handful of things she stuffed in pots. I think we have about 8 flats of plantings.

My hamstrings are very sore from bending over and filling 8 flats worth of dirt into tiny flat capsules.

Saturday night, Badmovie and LunarGeography hosted Smithee birthday movie night and made the most tasty scrumptious turkey ever. It’s in the top three tastiest birds I’ve ever had. LG made her awesome taters and I made donut bread pudding with butter rum sauce. I once again made butter rum hard candy but it was taaaasty butter rum hard candy. The movies were “eh” and “Huh?-Wheee!” I mean, were nuns? AWESOME!

Sunday I went out Smithee food shopping while TheMan had his business meeting. We went home; I read and did laundry, TheMan worked. We are really rather boring I’m afraid.

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