Ann Arbor Smithee 18

The Smithees! So we had our first big show here in A2 and it went pretty well.

We changed some things around this year, most notably putting the snacks and drinks in back. The two problems with the snacks and drinks in front are that the tables are smaller, being at the bottom of the circle, and the equipment and presenter are stationed in the front so there is a bit of space competition.

The tables in the back are HOOJ! Here’s the “Right Side Savory Snack” table. Look at the space! Plus, we had a whole second table of identical length for the sweetie snacks and the drinks had their own table as well. And! The other side of the auditorium had a mirroring of snacks and drinks tables so we had lots of space to spread out. It was kind of nice to not have food sitting on top of other food. On the down side (for the snack providers who did not anticipate this complication), people were better able to actually see the food so they nommed it with gleeful abandon. We ran out of drinks around the intermission and the snack pickings by the end of the show were very slim indeed. I think the relocation went well, even moreso for those of us who didn’t have to lug everything down the steps. BOOYAW!

Here’s an interesting bit: Relocating the snacks and food to the back seemed to also relocate the audience up a few rows. There were a lot more people clustering towards the rear of the auditorium than there has been in previous years. Of course there were a lot more people. 225 was our official max vote, although that’s not an Ann Arbor high. We did set a record for highest low (meaning the least number of people voting was the highest it’s ever been) at 180 people. Go people!

We even had some people show up early and then help set up. I tell you, set up went lickety split this year with all our miscellaneous early birds. Thank you early birds!

Remember the lady who came with an octopus one year and then a stuffed fish the next? This year she downsized…

to a hermit crab! HEE!

These are the people who are not the early birds. They were hanging around shooting the breeze near the atrium while the rest of us buzzed about. I thought they were students loitering after a study session so I invited them to the show. Turns out they were actually here for the show but were waiting until zero hour to join the rest of us. I dubbed them slackers and told them they were going to go in the blog.

We had a budding gummy artist this year. USA chanting? No. Gummy flag? Yes.

All in all, people seemed to really have a lot of fun this year. even the crew, who went out for traditional booz and food afterwards.

2008: You can imagine that this did not go over well with Cranky McStupidHead. People were not RESPECTING his AUTHORITAY!!!

2007: JSFR: Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (unsalted)

2006: We also pulled in 271 unique people! That’s it, I’m taking the year off for that!

2005: You could spill a cup of coffee two floors away and it would somehow wind up on my desk today. Le sigh.

2004: I get to do something different today, I get to proctor a full exam. Whooo!

2003: Looks like today’s proctoring is a laptop exam. I would so fail one of those. I type about 30 words a minute.

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