October Release Date and Other Laments

Not much going on today, which is Wednesday and not Tuesday like my body thinks it is. That’s really about the extent of my life excitement right there. I love long weekends, I think we should have a lot more of them.

To sum up yesterday, I worked, I went home, I napped (Mmmm, tasty tasty sleep), we ate pasties (Mmmm, tasty tasty pasties), we finished off Season 5 of SG-1 and worked a little on the D&D characters for Dirge’s impending campaign. Oh, and I picked up some more JSF. Heh, yeah, I know, I know, finish the bazillion I have before getting new but it seems I have run into a problem to that end. My bazillion backed up Snack foods, into which I have made a sizeable dent in the past few weeks, have no English on them whatsoever. This is a problem since I can not read Japanese and I keep forgetting to bring the boxes with me when we hang with Rob, my resident translator. Thus, while I have snacked and jotted down my thoughts, I have no idea what to call whatever it is that I ate (take Jelly cake for instance. I’m pretty sure “BrownGlop” isn’t anywhere on the packaging…in English or Japanese yet if you roll over the picture there it is). Thus my rationale for buying more JSF, this time with English titles too.

Tonight, we feast on chocolate pope hats! OK, they have an actual name but I can not, for the life of me, remember what it is. The maple version (that Alessar picked out) will be up Saturday if you are curious what exactly a pope hat snack food is anyway. Tonight is also TheMan’s game AND tonight is whitefish night! Whooo! We are going to take one of our chunks of smoked whitefish over for the munching. Tasty tasty whitefish. This also segues nicely into discussing our bout of character generation last night.

In a word, suck. I have a concept for the character (think Faceman from the A-team more or less) but it just isn’t coming together like I want it too. All I want is an archer who dabbles in magic and has incredibly good looks. Unfortunately, you just can’t get there from here really easily at all; first there was an ability problem, then a stat problem, then a preferred class problem, then a skill point problem and now it’s a race problem but you know what? I no longer care. BAH! It’s like trying to balance chemical equations: Get enough oxygens over here and then the hydrogens fall out of line. Fix them and the carbons go all wonky and once you get a handle on that, it’s back to the oxygens again. Throw in a nitrogen and it’s good night rational numbers. Fortunately, D&D will let you continue on with a slight imposed penalty which, at the moment, I’m more than willing to take. If only chemistry was that easy, I’d have aced it.

We also finished watching Season 5 of Stargate SG-1, much to DQ’s delight. She has been cooling her heels for over a month waiting for us to finally (already) get through season 5. It’s amazing how many people we have hooked on that show. We are on season 6, DQ is close behind on Season 5, TheMan’s boss just got Season 3 and we dropped Season 1 off with Mr. Paul. We should get some kickbacks me thinks, at least maybe an upped release date for Season 7 because October? WAHHHH! Maybe it’s a hint from the DVD gods to watch the bazillion other shows we have on DVD. Hmmm!

Speaking of shows, TheMan just came to the realization that Dark Shadows is on DVD now. Evidently we have one of the sets coming to our house sometime in the near future…rumor has it there is a wicked drinking game to go along with said show. Not that *I* would ever participate in something so base as a drinking game, mind you. Oh and pass the beer will you? Piccard jut said “Engage” and I do believe that is a drink.

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