Rockin the Casbah

Holy WAH did we rack up mucho grown-up points this weekend. Not only that, but we (I) wuz lazy to boot. How are you going to beat that eh?

Friday, well there was that work thing but I’ll just skip right over that. Who wants to hear about work? Well, I’ll pause briefly for lunch where TheMan and I got our butts to a travel agent and said “We wanna go to Alaska…help!” and then spaBAMN we were signed up for a seven day Alaskan cruise. Jiggity jig, it was faster than saying boo. We got us a nice starboard side room (which means we will be looking at the coast the entire way up) with a balcony (wheee!) and all sorts of cool perks because it’s our HONEYMOON! We also get to eat a dinner at the Captain’s table, where it will be announced that it is our honeymoon. Good? Bad? I’ll let you know!

I am very psyched…this all happens in 16 days! Well Origins is in 16 days but that’s when the fun begins so 16 days it is! Wheee! We are also going to be back in time to lounge about for a handful of days before going back to work and that too has me all a twitter. More days to do HOUSEWORK!

No really! You would not believe what we got done this weekend. Saturday we did some banking, and I reestablished contact with my back account. It turns out the card was demagnetized, which wasn’t allowing me to do anything with my account, and that was not so good. There are a couple of bills that are automatically pulled out of there which means money was going out but no money going in. Everything’s hunky dory AND I had more money in there than I first thought.

After that, it was time for a nap for me! Hee. TheMan puttered around and did some server stuff, or dishes, or both and maybe bills then too and I bumped out of bed at 3ish and mowed the lawn. The whole lawn. Even the back half that hasn’t been mowed yet this year. Ever see those films of army recruits getting their hair scissored off before their head is buzzed? That is our lawn. I am the mange mower, but at least the whole thing is done! It took me two hours too. Afterwards I relaxed by doing a load of dishes, reading until they were dry (BTW, it takes a little longer than one and a half hours for dishes to drip dry. You know, in case you were wondering) and then doing another load. The horde was dealt a mighty blow this weekend by the New Qs! Whoot.

TheMan also got the grill of doom up and rocking and we had first ever grilled doom turkey burgers last night. Mmmm. Afterward I put together a small shelf unit for some of the appliances in the “pantry”, did some laundry and boiled the driveway. Hey, it’s the lazy man’s way of killing off those damn crack weeds. Heh. BOIL YOU! I’ll take a look at them tonight and see if they are dead and easy to pull yet.

Our other highlights included an amazing dinner at Paesanno’s with the Qs, who were down state before their Africa trip, testing out the SG-1 drinking game and Badmovie’s V&V game. Oh and the tasting of the Shrek oversized M&Ms (of doom. The verdict: Plain are pretty formidable, peanut feel like a gyp). So there was much fun too among all the responsible stuff. I love weekends like that.

Next weekend is the kid’s class demonstration (I think. I haven’t been to the dojo since Mother’s day because of the damn PLAGUE!), perhaps the Traveler game but I’m not sure and I want to get both cars washed and one garden put in. We shall see, it may be a tad ambitious. Then again, nothing’s stopping me from starting any of this during the week right? Hmmmm!

Oh yeah, and I worked out this morning. Go me.

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  1. the GM Says:

    Yep, Traveller game on the 12th.
    CU there!