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All the world’s a vacation!!!

One of the awesome things about working where I do is that I get quite a lot of nice perks. Two of those being a shit-ton of vacation days and bosses who are really good about last minute off-takery. So I thought to myself as the week waned that I’d really like to take Monday after the Smithee show off. So I did. Not that I did anything with my day off but booger around but I had one.

I suppose I ought to recap the weekend instead of crowing the awesomeness of my work place for all to hear. Sorry that people who do not get lots of vacation; I do feel for you. I started out at the low accumulation of vacation and it was murder having to decide what you were going to do the whole year because you barely had enough vacation days to do it. A random day off? Chyah right. So onto Friday.

The Qs were down state for Aunt Lil’s birthday so of course there were gettings together. There was also gettings together of show stuff because we had the A2 Smithee awards to put on the next day. The rocking chair which normally is sort of in the way if you have to path from the front door to the kitchen got moved to an even more inconvenient spot (it’s, still, currently wedged between the coffee table and the ottoman making the later neigh impossible to use and the chair it’s associated with utterly impossible to get to). In the rocking chair’s place we stacked two speakers, the projector, amp and mixing board. Plus all the stuff that is not directly show showing related like the ballot packs and such. Show sign in our living room! We may have also played Warcraft a bit.

SATURDAY! Showtime. I played no Warcraft on account of having to go out and about and around plus make frooty rice crispy treats. Both were accomplished. Huzzah except no Warcrafty. Around 5 we all started the Smithee migration to the Chem building. MomQ and I parked their car and grabbed sammiches for the crew and eventually met everyone back at Chem base. The equipment was mid transport and the food was already all in and hanging out in the top area. We tried out something a little bit different this year and put all the food in the back, which did mean splitting it in twain but also meant that we didn’t have to haul everything down the steps. Short-long-short-long-HATE! People seemed to really dig the new placement and they ate us out of almost everything. With the larger tables (5 chair table counters rather than 2 or 3 chair table counters) we were able to put everything out and even split it up nicely between a sweety table, a savory table and a drinks table. There was quite a bit more room to display all the goodies so I think people had more of a chance to actually see all the foods. And eat them.

The show this year is a long show but TheMan finished it up nice and neat somewhere around the 4 hour mark. Some of the clips did how we thought they would while others came out of nowhere to win their category. Scott H. will be happy that his donation to the Smithees did well in one of its categories and blew away the competition in the other. When TheMan was reading the cover blurbit someone in the audience shouted out “Just give it the award already!” Hee! Power hungry Wang FTW.

Of course we went out for booz and food afterwards. Tradition!

Sunday we kicked back and did nothing. NOTHING! That is until the appointed time of going to dinner for the last day of the Qs downstate visit. We mingled a bit at DQ’s place where she showed off her amazing teddy bear she made from someone’s coat. It totally looks like a toy shop bear and not a bear which was formerly a little kid’s fake fur Sunday coat. That woman has crafty chops yo! I totally forgot to get a pic of it though. Wah. Apparently DQ has enough leftover coat material to make a small bear (this one sat about 12 to 18 inches high) so when that happens I’ll snap a pic of baby bear. We drove over to Aubre’s and had some noms then scootled back home.

TheMan had to work today and I did not. I did get up and make him breakfast but then to my and the cat’s delight, I snuggled back into bed. For quite a while, although most of it was dozing with the kitties rather than sleeping. I might have gotten some laundry done so the day wasn’t a waste. I got no gardening done so it actually was kinda a waste. The beds need to be tended to big time!

2008: JSFR: Assi Brand Instant Plum Tea

2007: It’s like suddenly the bed has become a moonwalk and the weirdoes are two five year olds revved up on sugar with a fist full of ride tickets.

2006: Envelope? HokayDoke! Card stock? No worries! Cheese sammich? Why, let’s give it a try! You could put anything in the bypass tray and it’d suck it into the machine with an amused gusto.

2005: They wanted the gown on opening forward so I had to stuff as much of it as I could in my armpit in order to stay decent.

2004: So out my seeds went this morning, as the two day old custom has established itself, and by the time I got to work I noticed that there was snow in the air.

2003: I got me a double dose of God today. Halleuja!

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