Penguicon Scouting Team

Tux bids everyone Hello!

I had a vacation day today (another one!) and Badmovie doesn’t work on Friday and TheMan had the day off as well, but that’s because he is sick. LunarGeography was neither sick nor weekending nor vacating so she had to work but we all thought we might go to opening day of Penguicon that evening to check it out. Sadly, TheMan wasn’t better enough to go conventioning and at lunch LunarGeography started to crash, wreck and burn so the Friday night scouting team was dwindled down to just Badmovie and me. Still we took one for the team and went to see what this Penguicon was all about.

Apparently, it’s a lot about costumes/cosplay. These three ladies wrocked the Batman nemesis series (female set).

Thank goodness Captain America was there to keep them in line. It wasn’t all super hero though, there were steam punk, Ghostbusters, barbarians, fuzzy critters of all shapes and sizes, and mingling in with the lot…

The 501st Legion. From what I gathered, the 501st is a pretty large (6700+ member) group of hobbyists who have professional quality Stormtrooper costumes (or Star Wars bad guys…I saw a Tuskan Raider as well but I’m not sure if that was a 501st member or somebody just dressed as a Tuskan Raider). They do work appearances (such as for Star Wars grand opening stuff or marching in the Rose Bowl parade 2 years ago), Charity stuff (National Kidney Foundation sort of things) and fun stuff. I’m guessing Penguicon is “fun stuff”. The Stormtrooper outfits are pretty rad.

I love these non sequators that pop up when you have different generad costumes meeting each other. This green stripy wolf fella now owes allegiance to Darth Vader. Darth needs some platform shoes I’m thinking…although 7 foot 501st members might be in short supply.

Along with various costumed people, Penguicon has a lot of Open Source projects floating around. Here is a perpetual ball thingie that someone put up and left the box of parts around for anyone to dink with. And dink they did, but mostly the dinking was to keep the perpetual ball machine perpetualing and not chucking small yellow marbles all over the place. Notice the plate bumper taped about midway up the right side of the PBM. The fella in back looking perplexed is in the middle of fixing some part of the machine.

Badmovie and I stopped by the opening ceremonies where we learned that Wil Wheaton, the Guest of Honor, couldn’t make it to the convention. We were a tad sad as we had a Smithee movie clip he was in, on the other hand the category was Alas, Poor Yorick. I think this was the second Penguicon in a row Wil Wheaton had canceled on so Badmovie and I figured that might work out better for the Alas clip. We were doubly amused when the con chair announced that the masquerade ball event had added a new category: Best Will Wheaton/Wesley Crusher/etc. look alike. The prize was the badge the con had printed up for Mr. Wheaton – Sir not appearing at the convention. Ouch!

After opening ceremonies, we stopped by a few other events. We saw the liquid nitrogen ice cream and got to sample a bowl of chocolate chocolate (which I promptly spilled all down the front of my messenger bag) and then we went to the chocolate ritual. That event was a weird mix of pagan/christian chocolate worship and a whole lot of fun. We got baptized by chocolate sprinkles and cocoa powder and we all got little cups of chocolate chips to evoke the chocolate spirits: The East spirit of Aero and something else which guarded against moochers, the South spirits of fondue, the West spirits of dark chocolate and the North spirits of rocky road. Heh! They had too many people to do a Hershey’s syrup and chocolate Necco wafer communion but you could go up afterward and partake if you wanted. They also had a bunch of chocolates to try, including some home made pieces with liquor fillings. Tequila rose FTW! Yummmmm.

We came, we saw, we went home. The end.

2008: Weirdly it only took about 15 minutes before we sort of forgot that we were watching two mostly naked guys.

2007: YARN!!!! Oh oh oh oh! My last two colors for crochet projects 3 and 3a came in and they are beeeyooootiful!

2006: I also suspect a riding crop does this as well, but once a jockey relaxed his grip, there wasn’t so much urgency transmitted to the horse to GO HORSE GO. So the horse sort of Went Horse Went at the horse’s leisure, hence winning hands down!

2005: JSFR: Harvest (chocolate)

2004: Mmmmm Tequila rose chocolates…

2003: Instead of doodling, I re-learned to fold origami cranes for my last Proctoring Stint.

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