Penguicon Smithees 09

We had about 68 ballot packs leftover from the A2 show so we added a little extra Penguicon button swag and called it good. Then, during the scouting mission Friday, we realized that badge ribbons were a big thing at Penguicon so we snagged the extra Smithee Awards badge ribbons from Origins of Ought Six and repurposed them. Do you want to hear something sad? We wound up with three rejected badge ribbons but seven abandoned Tux buttons. Penguicon isn’t so much a button sort of convention but give them a badge ribbon and they are clam happy. Poor abandoned adorkable Smithee Tuxes. *sniff*

All of us, TheMan, LunarGeography, Badmovie and I, made it in on Saturday for con fun and Smithee presenting. We missed a couple panels we had earmarked for interest but found the time to catch the Atari2600 head to head challenge where Wil Wheaton and Shawn Powers were going to go at it old school to decide who is the geekier. Except Wil Wheaton was illin out in Cali.

The show went on, however, and Shawn Powers accepted challengers from the audience. Combat might look stupid and 8bit uncool but I tell you, there was some fierce competition going on. It was quite a lot of fun to watch and we all cheered a good shot or laughed when someone got cocky and then got decimated. Shawn Powers is good, but eventually he was unseated and new contenders and challengers took the stage.

Behind it all, John Scalzi ran commentary and did post fight interviews. Funny stuff! Incidentally, we caught a previous panel where Mssr. Scalzi said he had a web creeper sort of thing which sniffered out incidents of SCALZI on the web which…hello! Except he probably only looks for the good stuff or the really mean stuff so I’m probably OK. Still, that bit of JS knowledge served us well later on when we realized he had left a package in the room after the Atari fight. We were scheduled in the same room about 6 hours later and sometime half way through the show we said, “Huh! What’s this box doing here?” After the show we left his box at Ops and tried to send a private tweet message to say where the box was. Did you know you can’t private tweet unless you friend and are friended? I suppose that’s all good in the long run but inconvenient for us at the time. We wound up sending a generic @ tweet and hoping the Webcrawlers for SCALZI stumbled on it. They did, owner and box were reunited, huzzah!

How did the people in the Columbia room from after the Atari fight and before the Smithee Awards not notice a ACME JOHN SCALZI box sitting there on the floor? Probably the same reason it took us about two hours to register it I guess, but that sort of surprised me that no one stumbled over it in the intervening hours.

Meanwhile, consuite! Holey Moley Penguicon puts out the consuite goodies. Friday night Badmovie and I partook of meat sammiches, some nacho stuff, chips and general munchies as well as free pop. Saturday they had donuts (which we and also Beaker missed) and cheeses and meats, munchies, soup and other things but it was an odd schedule for refills. I didn’t get a good look to see if there was any sort of eats schedule at all but any time we thought it might be nice to nosh, there was nothing to be hand.

Finally, we decided to go out and find some food. It took us a long drive down and back until we settled on Jordan’s II, about a mile or two from the hotel. It was a decent restaurant but on the way back we noticed that the strip mall right next door to the Crowne Plaza had three or four eateries in it. DOAH! Talk about timing. The hotel parking lot was very full too so double DOAH! We found a spot eventually but only after seriously thinking about moving the little scooter that was taking up a whole parking spot unto itself.

And then? Show time! The Columbia room was pretty small (I’m standing in the back taking a pic towards the door) but extremely well located. All the meeting rooms (named after shuttles BTW – Columbia, Atlantis, Discovery) opened out onto a lobby like area where they posted the master schedule. The consuite was across the way as well so there were no shortage of people wandering by to “Walky-talky” at (new term coined by an attendee to describe our Smithee sales pitch). We also left the door open (although in retrospect we should have closed it for “Let’s Up The Rating to ‘R'” rather than stand in the doorway to block the view) so the crowd noise would attract the attention of passers by.

This it did quite magnificently. We had several people who started loitering around the door watching and then finally caved in and took a seat. 61 people total wandered in and out while 27 was our max voting high. I think we did pretty good for a first time event and if we decide to come back/are invited back (I’m going to have to do some research about how that works), I expect we’ll be able to stay in a room that sized for one more year and then it will really start to get crowded. There are a LOT of bad movie fans out there.

BTW, Will Wheaton helped his movie clip win its category as we expected it might. Personally, I love that clip to pieces. NOM!

We also found Jesus at Penguicon.

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  1. Orvan Ox Says:

    I was wondering how Scalzi’s ACME parcel wound up in Ops. It seemed an odd place for him to stow things. And thank you for the button.

  2. Boo Says:

    Heh, we thought the same thing but only that it was odd for the box to be stowed in the room. Then we realized it wasn’t so much stowed as probably forgotten. By the way, we took a peek: The BrainPal and instillation kit were hilarious and awesome at the same time!

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