IT Lass

Yes, I have become technologically empowered for behold! I have a new computer! (and there was light and goodness and all sorts of “how do I change that back to the way I had it on my old machine” moments. Not that I want the old machine back, mind you, I just got comfortable with never having to see that damned paperclip (no, I’m not writing a letter, thank you) and then here he was, dancing all over my new computer. Fucking paperclip.)

It’s true. As of 10ish this morning I was unleashed to go explore all the goodness that is my new Windows NT compliant computer and the very first thing I did was change the damned desktop interface. Man, the new NT interface looks like shit. It’s all roundy and blue and in your face with the slick shiny candy coated buttons. Fortunately, whilst right clicking this or that, I ran across something that said “scheme” and it gave me a choice of “New obnoxious arcade like interface” or “Old crappy flat boring interface”. You can not even begin to imagine the speed in which I clicked “Hell yes, give me back the interface that looks like it belongs on a computer”. That interface was one of my biggest peeves with the whole upgrade and now? No problem.

Now the damned paperclip took forever and a fucking day to exorcize. I got him though. Heh. Watched him ride his ass out of my Help life and I slammed the door extra hard just to try and catch him in the ass as he was going. Good riddance. I also noticed that they have made it tons easier to reformat your basic word document template. There is this pull down, under format I believe, where there is the font and margins or whatnot and a button that says “default”. How easy was that? Man, I do not like how rigid Times is, gimmie my Tahoma and give it to me yesterday.

I do seem to have lost the cool blue coloring all the words were in though. I am saddened, although I ran across one instance where half a list was in blue and half in black. Allllrighty then.

And why is the default for looking at folders “a whole bunch of huge ass icons scattered all over the place so you can not possibly see the end of the list even if you had all day to scroll down the window”? Ugh. I had it all the way I liked it and now every time I pop open a folder SPROING icons running rampant.

All in all though, I really like the upgrade. Besides, the case is black. I feel like I have a ninja computer or something, it’s very rad.

As far as my information side, for whatever reason today I was either Ms. Approachable or a bunch of people were all of the sudden clueless right in my path. While out on deliveries I ran into 7 different people who needed to be directed somewhere. Fortunately, three were in one group all wanting to go to one place and three others were all in another group wanting to go someplace else so I didn’t feel too much the tour guide. It must have been the cart…obviously woman with cart equals guru of information. Try it out, see if it works for you.

At least I didn’t transfer anyone to the elevator phone. Hee.

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