Word, Wandering and Wanna Wanna Sweetie!

My desk is utter chaos. I just organized a goo gob of papers and they have all up and wandered off. I’m tidying up too, which may be a really sad statement of affairs regarding my cleaning skillz. Hmmm. Well then, I guess I don’t have to file those AWOL paper right? A silver lining every time.

I’m still finding tweaks that need to be made here and there on my new happy windows NT compliant ninja system. I’m currently running into all the “helpful” things Word is defaulted to do and mostly, a few of them are decent but it seems like Word would try and write your darned document for you the minute you type your first word. No, I’m not writing a letter, thank you. I find 10% of the “helpful” presets are actually really helpful and I’m still in the stages of weeding out the other 90% of stuff that drives me nuts. Sometimes I *want* to have two capital letters right next to each other and I’ve always had problems with Word helpfully changing “jammies” to “jimmies”. Both of which are good words but only one of which do you want to step into before crawling under the covers for a snooze. Unless you are one of those food fun people I suppose then hey, jimmies, jammies, whatever.

TheMan and I had an ADVENTURE yesterday. We went out to pick up advanced tickets for a fun filled free-for-all film fest this evening, and to find out the name of that one Chinese buffet place in the mall near the theater (which I had been describing by proximity to its neighbor store…which happens to be an aquarium shop. I’m not sure exactly what that implies but they do have some really fine fish dishes set out, including sushi). We found the name, we got the tickets for tonight’s show (I organized a group work outing of eats and Potter) and then we headed out to find us a place to chow.

We wound up in the next town over. We didn’t particularly mean to drive the 15 to 20 miles out but after the theater there wasn’t a whole lot of anything and the next thing we knew BAMN other town. I suppose that sort of thing happen more frequently where there are small towns spread far apart from each other (say the UP eh?) but I’ve gotten used to my small slice of “mostly everything in one town” and it seemed quite the trip to drive out a half hour for dinner. We found the town grill and had us some very fine food. Mmmm.

I also had a lunch time adventure with Alessar which involved wandering around and scoping out alternative blue lot options. I found about three of them that are fairly close, now I just need to figure out how early they fill up. I was too lazy today, maybe Monday I’ll go do that. We had a nice long walk too, plus it didn’t rain the entire hour we were out (save about three minutes before we returned), which must have been the longest dry spell all day. I think we are working on breaking the record for wettest June too.

And just because I liked them last week and they are still up this week, here’s some FooFah for y’all.

1. Choose up to 5 ingredients from the following list, then describe what you’d make using them (preferably edible!) :


Well OK then, what’s a Sultana? Is that a banana like thing? Hold on a minute. Heh, OK this cracks me up. Definition 1 is: A woman who is a member of a sultan’s family. Mmmm, a little butter, salt, tomatoes and a spit and we can have us some Sultana Creole (long pig style). Methinks they really want definition number 2 which is a seedless grape (or b, which is a raisin made from said grapes). Hmmm, The only thing *I* would make out of these ingredients is some sort of chicken dish. How about broiled chicken? Maybe brush it with a little butter to get some sort of flavor going, and maybe a touch of salt or nutmeg too. That might be interesting, now that I think on it. If I decided to play with the nutmeg, might as well throw in the Sultanas (definition 2, I don’t have pots big enough for definition 1) and go for a sweetish chicken dish.

2. What dish do you make best? Include the recipe!

I’m too lazy to up and get a recipe. The best dish I make is probably chocolate chip cookies. Well, OK, it’s not a dish but I make a mean sweetie. The dishes I like to make the best are experimental dishes. Give me a recipe and some extra ingredients and watch out. I invented beer bread by screwing around with the Betty Crocker basic white bread recipe, throwing in this, substituting that just to see what would turn out and wala: beer bread.

3. What dish do you like best?

Hands down, TheMan makes the best grilled chicken on top of a bed of couscous and hommus. Add some Pillsbery cheesey rolls and I’m a happy camper.

4. Favorite place to eat out?

Fancy? Paesanos. Every day? Applebees. Breakfast? Paneras.

5. Atkins – miracle diet or a health disaster waiting to happen?

All miracle diet plans seem to boil down to “eat less, move more”. I’m personally leery about any that tout quick weight loss guarantees (the Phat man said it best: It took you years to put on all that weight, why should you expect to lose it in mere weeks or months?) and any that drastically alter the balanced diet thing. Not The human body wasn’t designed to eat nothing but grapefruits or a whole cow once a day or three boxes of Oreos or whatever. Balanced diet, smaller portions, more exercise that’s all I think anyone needs for the most part.

Well and chocolate. At least for me today. Wanna wanna sweeeeetie!

Last Year at the booniverse: I only mention this because Monday in Karate I was told (in nicer terms of course) that my horse stance sucked. So, I suck in two disciplines. Heh.

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